Friday, February 27, 2009

REDKNAPP ambition

Tottenham Hotspur manager, Harry Redknapp, revealed his ambition to coach English national team, replaces Fabio Capello, in a moment later.

Although not even one season to handle the Spurs, himself still a chance for The Three Lions. However, it is possible if the new him out of White Hart Lane.

"Of course I want the position of manager England national team a day later," said Redknapp to the Daily Express. "But, for now, I only want to work with both at Tottenham."

"I believe Capello will not stand forever as an English instructor. He will go to stop a moment later. Meanwhile, my age is now 61 years old, and when I finished the task here (Tottenham-Red), I still have to train the national team," connect it.

Former Portsmouth manager is also on the UK before firing a coach, Steve McClaren, and the appointment of Capello as the right step.

"I do not feel myself qualified to train the national team. I realize after seeing that happen with McClaren. It can not be dodged. Capello FA choose, and for me that the best option. Everyone knows what has been produced Capello," his him. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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