Saturday, February 7, 2009


-There have only made by Gianfranco Zola. In order to increase the motivation of the players West Ham almost fight against Manchester United, Sunday (8 / 2) tomorrow, Zola will provide pizza to all the PLAYERS at the end of the match.
"The players really like to eat pizza after the game. Only after the match only, they have a chance and allowed to eat food like that, "says a source

The problem MU have poor records concerning pizza. When they successfully stop the record-breaking victory Arsenal back in October 2004, the star players from both pizza stone citadel each other.

"Manchester United and the pizza is not a suitable mix, especially when they lose. We fear they will act like unruly when Arsenal met. We will continue to monitor all the time, "said the source of West Ham. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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NOT one, but five. That is the coach Hamburg SV, Martin Jol in the January transfer exchanges. No half-hearted, Jol brought five new players to the HSH Nordbank Arena.
Purchase of five new players, of course, is to strengthen the order seizing the team title in Hamburg champion Bundesliga 1 season 2008-09.

Is the fifth player Mickael Tavares, Khalid Sinouh, Michael Gravgaard, Tomas Rincon, and Albert Streit. Tavares purchased from Prague Slavic and contracted during the three and a half years.

Are four other players, namely Sinouh, Gravgaard, Rincon, and Streit is a player who purchased Hamburg with the loan status. Rincon Streit and borrowed until the end of the season later.

And Sinouh, who is a goalkeeper, will be assigned to help Frank Rost and Gravgaard back to the middle line of defense to keep Hamburg. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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The Heart Benzema

Striker Karim Benzema was still feeling hesitant, whether to stand still in Olympique Lyon hengkang or to another club at the end of the season later.
Already a few months last name Benzema often made with the top clubs Europe. Benzema have expressed themselves want to leave Lyon and move to another club.

According to him, playing outside France will be the ability to create increased play football better. "We have to go out when the French missionary want to play in the highest level. That is my goal, "Benzema firm.

However, the age of 21 years that states that have not want to leave Lyon. Benzema still want to stand still. Lyon can record with better achievement in the Champions League.

"In fact, I do not know. I am happy to be in Lyon, and I do not feel pressed to leave Lyon, "said Benzema to Aujourd" Sport hui.

"We will see the extent to which we can survive in the Champions League. I will talk about the front after that. For now, I will focus on the things that still must be done, "he added.

Lyon will be challenging Barcelona on February 24 in the upcoming first leg round of 16 Champions League. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Yellow card is revoked, EL Alves tighten Barca

Good news for Barcelona. Almost fight face Sporting Gijon, Sunday (8 / 2), El Barca Dani Alves will be, after their appeal on the accumulation of yellow cards received by the players granted.
Alves got the yellow card against Racing Santader show last week. Alves will be lost to provide for the loss of El Barca. Because of that they then appeal. Lucky appeal submitted granted. Alves appears permitted.

News has become an additional motivation for Josep Guardiola, considering at this time he still lost four defendernya. Rafael Marquez and Gerard Pique are punishment was forbidden. While Carles Puyol and Gabriel Milito are still injury.

"I am happy to finally be able to appear against Sporting Gijon. Dicabutnya card that I received is the most reasonable, "Alves firmly briefly.

El Barca now firmly leading the Liga BBVA Klasemen while the benefits of 12 points from their nearest competitors, Real Madrid. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Rosicky BACK APRIL future weed

Manager Arsena Wenger revealed that midfielder Tomas Rosicky will be back down to play. Rosicky can be estimated to appear again in the main Arsenal skuad about six or seven forward to sunday.
Almost one year duration Rosicky should appear absent. Hamstring injury that has made the origin Rep.Ceko must accept the fact that bitter can not defend The Gunners.

But now it seems the condition Rosicky started back significantly. The players have been allowed by the Arsenal medical team to undergo training team again.

"He is practicing in the field. He has to practice kicking the ball for the first time on sunday is very positive and we welcome it, "said Wenger in the official club website.

"He will be a surprise for this season due in about six or seven weeks, he has the opportunity to re-act," his him. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Critique of Nicolas Anelka given. France striker origin criticize this leadership manager Luiz Felipe Scolari that Chelsea appear so bad this season.

Klasemen while in the Premier League at this time. The Blues are still in the position of the four large or big four. However, Chelsea appear terseok-seok face competition with the other saingannya.

The Blues five points behind Manchester United with a peak in the Klasemen. Even Chelsea have the same number of points with Aston Villa, who are ranked fourth, which is 48 points.
See the new competition will end around tuga month again, Chelsea still have a real chance to become champion. But Anelka is the opportunity to address the cold. This is based on the facts when the Blues defeated Liverpool 0-2 last week.

"We do not know like how to play against Liverpool. From the beginning of the season started, we failed to perform well against the big teams. They seem to appear more powerful than us, "ketus Anelka.

"When we play in the big rivalry, we can not afford to show the actual Chelsea. We must improve our game, especially to improve the techniques we play, "accuse him. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Becks want to move NOT FOR MONEY

David Beckham says the reason behind the desires to move to AC Milan was not caused because the size of the transfer of money, but because he found the performance of best return.

Happy. It seems that it is now felt by Beckham. Join to make Milan Becks is back as the football, not a popular figure because of the physical handsomeness only.
Beckham is now becoming important players in the team I Rossoneri, as though only those with the loan. Five dilaluinya fight successfully. And because of that, Fabio Capello also decided to call Beckham in the England national team. Of course it's all happened since Becks appear slick with Milan.

"At this time Milan is more important than money. I want to think about football than the other, "said Beckham to the Corriere dello Sport.

"I want to stand in Milan because I find myself again as a soccer player. Milan to play in not only giving me the opportunity to appear at the highest level, but also open the opportunity Timnas I go to England, "pungkas husband of Victoria. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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