Monday, April 6, 2009

Disallows have FaceBook

Fame many friends site Facebook apparently regarded as a dangerous by Marcello Nicchi. President of the Association referee Anyar this even prohibit all referee in Italy have an account on facebook. What section?
According Nicchi, every referee statements which appear in the facebook is feared could trigger the things that are not desired. However referee must be able to maintain the integrity of their work is.

Not only are facebook, referee also have an account in the banned sites many other friends, like MySpace, Friendster, and other. Nicchi also prohibits the mediator involved in the discussion forum mailing list (mailing list, Red), blog or even a personal website in their own.

"Referee prohibited representations in the public, including via email, website, mailing list, forum, blog and many sites such as Facebook friends, and the other," tukas Nicchi.

Punishment does not play. When the referee is still the reckless violation of this rule the umpire Nicchi akan bring to the disciplinary commission. (Adek / Photo: Getty Images)

Overview info:
Regulations on the Italian referee was not allowed to speak to the media or even to do interviews related to the decisions made, even though the time the match has ended.

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