Monday, March 30, 2009


enchantment David Beckham apparently still capable of making women attracted to it. In the event a gala dinner in Milan, Beckham surprised are talking with some beautiful women.
Beckham to be a special guest in the gala dinner Anema E Core Cancer Research held in Del Volo Le Officine, Monday (16 / 3) yesterday evening. In the event, Bekcham come alone. His wife, Victoria are located in Los Angeles, United States.

At least three women who successfully caught the camera is close to Beckham. One of the women are famous sosialita Italy, Gabriella Dompe.

Not like the two other women who only shoot the ordinary in front of Beckham. Gabriella did not hesitate, hesitate Beckham intimate embrace. A smile, Beckham also seen relaxing meluk Gabriella.

Hmm .... just hope that Victoria has not heard this news. Because what happens if somehow when it was up to see intimate pictures of her husband with another woman? (Adek)

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Gerrard SELL CAR

YOUR fans and car fans Steven Gerrard? If the answer is yes, then you should open a site The Liverpool captain is currently advertising to sell the car in the Range Rover own site.

Gerrard determine the price of 52,990 pounds (around Rp919 million). Although the price it is very expensive, but fans Gerrard will not be disappointed when buying this Range Rover.
Purchased in February 2008, black Range Rover is equipped with a V8 diesel engine and the tire rim of metal measuring 22 inch, which should make Gerrard to dive pocket of up to 61 thousand pounds (about Rp1, 4 billion).

Gerrard also complete Range Rover own DVD with electronic devices. The more special, each in the passenger seat there is a stitch with the number 8, the costume team Gerrard in Liverpool.

"This car is a dream for all Liverpool fans. Cars that dikoleksi mandatory. I am sure this car will direct peminat interesting, "said a source Liverpool.

Not the first time Gerrard just sell the car through Auto Trader. Years ago, Gerrard also sell car Sport HST is the price of 46,490 pounds (about Rp806, 8 million).

Besides have Range Rover, another car that has, among other dikoleksi Gerrard, Bentley Continental GT, Aston Martin Vanquish and Ferrari.

Are you interested? (Adek).

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RECORD Beckham, Victory ENGLISH

INGGRIS able to surpass guests, Slovakia four goals without reply in the fight friendships made in Wembley Stadium, (28 / 3). Laga is also David Beckham colorific record that exceeds the amount owned by Bobby Moore's appearance.

At least, this victory was made the capital confidence for The Three Lions for the upcoming April 1 Ukraine, in the continued fight the World Cup qualifying in 2010.

In this fight, Beckham's historic record 109 times. One's more than that of The Three Lions legend, Moore.
Back to the fight, the UK successfully print a quick goal when the game entered the seventh minute. Steven Gerrard cross bait a puncture in the penalty box was successfully completed with a single touch by Aston Villa striker, Emile Heskey, to open the score.

After passing down to drink, The Three Lions appear more aggressive again. In this phase also the UK coach, Fabio Capello, David Beckham entered the UK look to make more life.

Becks bait cross from the right was successful in the horn by Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney in the minutes to-70, for the score.

Two additional goals are again host only one less than 20 minutes. Half Dan Rooney Frank Lampard 4 more goals to complete victory in the UK this fight.

Success for Beckham to make it appear to be the second most played skuad for The Three Lions after Peter Shilton, who until now have been collecting the 125's. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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Prayer granted

Liverpool want to request a schedule change quarter final second leg UEFA Champions League finally granted. The Reds will be the second leg on 14 April, not on 15 April.
Liverpool has previously requested to move the schedule so that they can remember Hillsborough tragedy, which killed as many as 96 fans at the Reds against Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup semifinal back in 1989.

Liverpool will entertain Chelsea in the first Anfield on 8 April, and then to visit Stamford Bridge on 14 April.

"We're happy to fulfill the request we hope Liverpool and Liverpool fans can celebrate with a good tragedy is," said UEFA Director of Communications, William Gaillard.

"We welcome the decision whether to play the second leg on 14 April. This is evidence that the League understands the importance of warning Hillsborough tragedy, "Chief Executive Liverpool supplement, Rick Parry. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Drawing Champions League quarter final has been done, Friday (20 / 3) at the UEFA headquarters, Nyon (Switzerland). Dreams of the people to see four English Premier League representatives are in the semifinal should be.

This is not apart from the two clubs will meet that often meet in the Champions League, Liverpool and Chelsea. This is the fifth time, the two teams meet each other in the Champions League in the last five seasons. Liverpool will entertain Chelsea at Anfield earlier in the meeting first.

Two other Premier League representatives opponent gets a bit light. Arsenal will meet Villarreal in the first meeting, while Manchester United will face FC Porto with the first at Old Trafford.

One-quarter final places filled by other FC Barcelona and FC Bayern Muenchen. This fight will be interesting because both teams appear impressive when finished Lyon resistance and Sporting Lisbon in the 16-round great.

The first quarter final meeting will be held on April 7 and 8. While the second meeting will be held on 14 and 15 April.

Winner of the fight and Villarreal vs Arsenal vs Porto MU akan each other in the semifinal. Two other semifinal ticket akan diperebutkan by Liverpool, Chelsea, Barcelona and Bayern.

Semifinal first meeting will be held on 28 and 29 April. Semifinal second will be held on 5 and 6 May 2009. (spur / Photo: Dock. League)

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Separate Headquarters

STEP Juventus who want to separate the ownership of the stadium Torino problem seems to be immediately followed by AS Roma and Lazio. Local mayor has confirmed that Roma and Lazio can build a separate stadium.

Both clubs have long actually considering to build the stadium separately, rather than have to share the Olimpico Stadium together.
When the separation plan of the stadium can be realized immediately, and it will give positive impact to both Roma and Lazio for. Both teams can increase the amount of income from ticket sales and of course to build a store that sells merchandise accessories club official.

"We are very percara themselves and continue to work with intense local search for the right to build a new stadium. Is not easy, because the new stadium should be able accommodate the interests of fans, especially in terms of transportation, "said Mayor Gianni Alemanno.

"Building a new stadium will be important to both influential club, because that means there will be new revenue to help finance the club," augment him.

Not like the UK where every club has its own stadium. In Italy does not have a club that has its own stadium. In addition to Roma and Lazio, there is still a Juventus Torino and must share ownership of the stadium.

Even two club city seteru Milan, AC Milan and Inter Milan, must also share a stadium. The difference is only a matter of pronouncing the name of the stadium only. When the name of Milan San Siro, Inter then select the Giuseppe Meazza. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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NEW DUO sensation BRAZIL

TWO Brazilian players, Robinho and Adriano with a sensation back I throw a party for 12 hours. Scandalize the whole party the night that is done together with a model Waria!.
According to Brazilian newspaper publication, Extra, Robinho and Adriano feast at the beginning of the week. Besides them, the party was also attended by some of the European stars who lived in Brazil.

Party is held at the residence of Adriano in the Barra da Tijuca. The party that started from 5 o'clock in the afternoon and ended at 5 am was attended by Fabiana Andrade, called the model-has a relationship with Diego Maradona.

Not only Fabiana, former Adriano, Veronica Araújo also attended enliven the party.

It is the presence of two beautiful model is not enough enliven the party atmosphere, Robinho and Adriano finally decided to invite a model named Patricia Waria Araújo.

Patricia own presence known after the models are caught fresh out of the house Adriano at 4 am.

Oops! (Adek / Photo: Getty Images)

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