Monday, February 23, 2009

Maradona grandfather SO

Sense of happiness felt by the middle Diego Maradona. Legend players and coach Argentina is officially became a grandfather, after the birth to baby daughter Giannina men, on Thursday (19 / 2) yesterday.
Male baby, who was given the name Benjamin, is the fruit of love affair between Giannina with Atletico Madrid striker, Sergio Aguero.

During the process of birth, until menyempat Maradona is devoted to fly to Spain in order to accompany the capital city of the beloved daughter. Aguero also accompany themselves. Even the age of 20 years in the absent team training session since early sunday ago.

"Around noon on Thursday February 19, Benjamin was born in hospital in Madrid. The process ran smoothly and the birth mother with the baby is in good condition, "the official statement from Atletico Madrid.

Congratulations! (Adek)

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Hobbies TORRES

Even though it comes from Spain, Fernando Torres seems like watching English television. Even have one of the Torres Strait where guests would want to be stars.
Event called "Dancing On Ice." The event featured celebrities and famous players professional ice skating shows his ability to play skating in front of the jury.

The event that began running in 2006 ago to become the favorite event, and always-awaited wait Torres. Saking like it, until Torres-up wishes to appear at the event.

"Television event in the UK is very good and I enjoy watching it for. There are programs called Dancing On Ice where players and celebrities appear with skating. That looks very artistic and elegant to watch, "said Torres.

"Sometimes the celebrities who appear fall. But it's certainly reasonable because once very difficult to play on the ice skating. One day later, you will be able to see sata appear in the event, "accuse him. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Later, often circulating newspaper salaries the players Pelita Jaya Jawa Barat has not been paid. However, it soon be debated management team ber called the Baby Magic.

Indeed, quite surprising if there are financial problems that Pelita whack. His team is supported by a rich, Nirwan Dermawan Bakrie.
Unfortunately a lot of funds to form a team Pelita the patriarch does not work out. They would end the first round of Indonesia Super League (Isl) 2008-09 in the bottom of the board.

Poor performance was followed by the rumor about a delay is not tasteful player salaries. Was made during these four months, the players failed to get it right. However, direct rebuttal dilontarkan by Rahim Soekasah manager.

"Conditions Pelita adequately and does not have the late payment of salary," said Rahim, Monday (23 / 2). "We always meet our obligations to the players.

According to him, the delays in salary payments for one to two days are ever the case. However, the delay did not occur until the matter of salary payment month. (Irawan)

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Behind the number seven from Manchester United as the leaders Klasemen can not be denied is that the distance is far enough. However, the Liverpool coach, Rafael Benitez believes pasukannya still can realize the dream become a Premier League champion for the first time.

"The situation is more difficult at this time," says Benitez after his team Manchester City in equilibrium in its own cage, Sunday (22 / 2). "We have to beat Middlesbrough and Sunderland. I believe we can do it. After that, we have a new victory at Old Trafford."

MU will face Liverpool in his enclosure on 14 March. According to Benitez, the fight is the key. If you can win, the Reds will become a champion.

"This is certainly not easy. MU can always win the match despite not playing good," Benitez go. "However, there is still fight 12. Everything has not ended. Essentially, we must win and can reduce the distance before meeting with the MU."

To realize it, Benitez must rotate smart PLAYERS. Advised, in the last 3 to front, Fernando Torres et al will be tight because the schedule was also in the Champions League. The business Reds return to Europe that will take the start on Wednesday (25 / 2) for Real Madrid.

Steven Gerrard is absent when the City is expected to be revealed. "We'll see after practice Monday. Then I will discuss with the team doctor. However, the injury situation is improved," Benitez demolished. (spur / Photo: Dock. SOCCER)

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Waiting for good news

David Beckham is that you want to stand with AC Milan. This week will be very important because Beckham awaits the good news of his transfer.

Based on his interview with Corriere dello Sport, Beckham believes this sunday will be very important for the expectation. Beckham Milan with fate will be determined based on the negotiation process transfer this week.
Contract Hire Beckham's LA Galaxy will end on 8 March. I own Rossoneri are working hard to make a permanent status Beckham before Beckham return to the club owner.

"I have not read the latest news," said former national team captain was English. "So far, all running very well. I love football, and I want to stand in Milan."

In addition to already feel very comfortable playing at the San Siro, Beckham also admitted the main factors you want to defend himself in Milan so that the opportunity to play in the national team still awake.

"Even though I have placed the ban captain, I still want to continue playing for the national team. Fabio Capello has the power to vote. But that I would like to continue playing with the national team," its speed. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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Champion 2 FOR Di Stefano

Legend Real Madrid, Alfredo Di Stefano was awarded a silver badge on his dedication to the Real El for 25 years.

The award is given to Di Stefano in a ceremony held in the Palace of Congress and Exhibitions. In the event, as more than 1800 members of the club El Real got a special award this badge.
Awards are divided into three stages. For members who have serve for 60 years get a diamond pin, which serve for as long as 50 years given a gold badge. While the silver badge is given to those who serve for more than 25 years.

President of Madrid at this time, Vicente Boluda providing award stated Di Stefano is an exemplary figure who over his loyalty to the El Real this time.

"You are a perfect example of the form of loyalty to Real Madrid. All the people on Di Stefano is not meaningful. His heart so pure for more than 50 years, "said Boluda.

"I also would like to congratulate the other members who have similar awards. With this award shows that they enjoy to be part of Real Madrid, "his him. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Italian national team coach, Marcello Lippi, sponsor three Italian clubs in the Champions League to defeat his opponents English origin, and race to the quarter final.

Eight innings in the Champions League final this time all the Serie-A representative will meet with three representatives from the four remaining British. Two champion in each league, Inter Milan and Manchester United will face each other. Meanwhile, Chelsea will meet Juventus, AS Roma and Arsenal faced with.

Fight the three, the home club Lippi believes Italy will be able to overcome the resistance that the UK representatives. This is not because Lippi also came from Italy, but his confidence because of the ability of each team.

"Roma, Juventus, d an Inter team that is three more good condition. Therefore, I believe they have a great opportunity to get away," said Lippi. "It is not easy for them to face. But with a mix of physical and mental prime is good, they can do."

Rome and Inter will try to get them on Tuesday (24 / 2) tomorrow. Meanwhile, Juventus will entertain Chelsea in the day tomorrow, (25 / 2). (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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RESULTING attitude shows less respect, AS Roma captain, Francesco Totti, threatened impunity from his club.

Siena at the top, (22 / 2) and, in the second round Roma coach, Luciano Spalletti enter Vincenzo Montella to replace Totti. After a drawn out, Totti goes directly to the room to change, without a spare seat to look first.
The situation is certainly cause controversy, because it's the opposite rule in Rome. Moreover, the Er Purpone also always about the seat back up and fight to be over.

"When I replace Totti, he decided not to sit in the back-up. This team has been in violation of this regulation," said Spalletti to Tuttomercatoweb. "I really do not see it as an outrage. But the rules still must be run. We will see what the impact to Totti."

After only win by a nose over Siena, Roma respondent appear better time to meet Arsenal in the Champions League, before finally facing Inter Milan in Serie-A. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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