Monday, February 23, 2009

Maradona grandfather SO

Sense of happiness felt by the middle Diego Maradona. Legend players and coach Argentina is officially became a grandfather, after the birth to baby daughter Giannina men, on Thursday (19 / 2) yesterday.
Male baby, who was given the name Benjamin, is the fruit of love affair between Giannina with Atletico Madrid striker, Sergio Aguero.

During the process of birth, until menyempat Maradona is devoted to fly to Spain in order to accompany the capital city of the beloved daughter. Aguero also accompany themselves. Even the age of 20 years in the absent team training session since early sunday ago.

"Around noon on Thursday February 19, Benjamin was born in hospital in Madrid. The process ran smoothly and the birth mother with the baby is in good condition, "the official statement from Atletico Madrid.

Congratulations! (Adek)

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