Thursday, February 19, 2009


AC Milan agree invitation Qatar club, Al Saad, to make friendships in the game Wednesday (4 / 3) later.

"The agreement has been reached between Milan and Al Saad of friendship to make the match on March 4 next," said the announcement was delivered through the AC Milan official website.

"The stars I Rossoneri will appear in the opponent Al Saad Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium, in Doha. Tourney will be held at 19.00 local time," continued the announcement.

Milan continue, "Al Saad is one of three teams that are struggling Qatar League sweep. match friendship is done to give people the opportunity Qatar witnessed the stars to play AC Milan."

Friendship is part of the Milan business to earn money. Estimated, Milan will earn a high enough. Match conducted on March 4, to give David Beckham the chance to appear. For, if the negotiations failed to Milan, he will return to the Los Angeles Galaxy on March 9. [KC]


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ambition HIDDINK Preview

Hiddink reap success in the various teams. Because it is not wrong if many clubs who want to use the power.

Chelsea is the team that is lucky to have this season. Club home Hiddink hopes that London can transmit achieve its success with other clubs in his team.

Apart from the ability to handle the team, Hiddink apparently had not thought to spend time along the field as a coach. The first hope he can become a farmer.

"When I was little, I grow on farm. After school ended, I always to agriculture as soon as possible my friend, he has horses and cows," curhatnya to The Sun.

"Even small since I already know how to milk cows and milk age of 12 years old when I learned to plow the rice fields. I like it, with a two-horse plow interesting."

"And whenever I asked, so what if you want to have great future, I always want to be a farmer fertilizer," he said.

"Each child has their own dreams and I want to become farmers. It seems, it is beautiful to me," Hiddink more emphatic.

And now, reap success after becoming a coach, Hiddink hopes can continue, with both Chelsea and the Russian national team. [Goal]


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COMMENT summer be Marco van Basten. Ajax Amsterdam coach of AC Milan as his old team. This refers to the number of players aged 30 years and over who have at Milan.
In his interview with Il Corriere dello Sport, says Van Basten Milan are still to be an interesting team to watch, even though he is now no longer play in the San Siro.

Milan are now just a few changes, especially the number of players that are not young anymore, such as Paolo Maldini, Giuseppe Favalli, and even David Beckham.

In fact there is no wrong with it. But if competitors see Milan, Inter Milan is, of course I need Rossoneri players aged youth who have strong physical endurance of the players are veterans.

"Milan is an interesting team to watch. I really will say this, "said Van Basten had spent six seasons with Milan.

"But Milan is now giving a different impression in the eyes. Milan now looks different when I was playing there. Milan need a referral to the Scudetto title of champion this season. Thus the Inter control. And we must confess, "his him. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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English Club, Arsenal made the approaching great Real Madrid striker, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. The Gunners say ready to buy Huntelaar worth 15 million pounds (about Rp254, 3 billion).
Huntelaar to move to Madrid after purchased from Ajax Amsterdam in the January transfer exchanges. Unfortunately, Huntelaar fails to shine at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Huntelaar did not even registered in the name of El Real to appear in the Champions League. Madrid prefers to enter the name of Lassana Diarra to face Liverpool in round 16 of the end of February next.

The age of 25 years of new print one goal since the start of joining Madrid. And because this is the case, management would like to say El Real Huntelaar release.

Whether news is true or not, but that manager Arsène Wenger happy to hear. Wenger has long mengincar Huntelaar, precisely since stock transfer summer ago. Huntelaar Wenger considered as the potential to replace Emmanuel Adebayor. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Gomez fight

Stuttgart forward Mario Gomez is currently hard behavior. No half-hearted, three clubs in the Italian giants can compete to woo the German national team is the offspring of Spain at the end of the season.

Action impressive Gomez break in opposite wicket for two consecutive seasons in the Bundesliga 1, has been making elite clubs in Italy stunned. No wonder AS Roma, Juventus and AC Milan each lunge grab it.

Gomez is a striker who is the best degree berbakat.Sampai Germany in 2007 just be thanks to its productivity throughout the season. Initially only Juventus and Milan are interested to propose confess Gomez, "Now, Roma also interested in recruiting Gomez," said agent Maurizio Gaudino. "He was laudable because so few clubs like Italy, especially Rome. For Mario Francesco Totti is the fans. "

According Gaudino, Gomez is still tied with Stuttgart until 2012. The age of 22 years say this will determine the fate after the 2008 European Cup later. Gaudino but does not decline for Gomez to continue a career in Serie-A.

Far Stuttgart also would not respond with regard to removals Gomez. Possibility to go or not to Gomez will be determined by the position of Stuttgart in the Bundesliga 1 Klasemen end of the season later. (Irawan)

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OPPORTUNITY Juventus stars to get the Bayern Muenchen, Franck Ribéry, likely starting points. Ribery agent, says her client may be moved to Turin upcoming summer season.

Juve start preparing the gun for new players for next season. Some big names such as full-Werder Bremen, Diego, striker Sampdoria, Antonio Cassano, and Ribery, have entered into the list of his quarry.
To Ribery, some parties consider the opportunities I Bianconeri thin enough to get the French national team is. Besides the price is high enough dipatok, Bayern will be hard to maintain Ribery remain in Allianz Arena.

Suporter I fully support the Bianconeri are favored team to its intention to recruit Ribery. Is expected, the figure named Bilal ber is able to trace the origin legend Juve France, Zinedine Zidane, who had first appeared in Turin.

"Really suporter Juve want Ribery compared to other stars? That is very extraordinary," said Ribery agent, Alain Migliaccio. "It's hard to reveal the how the opportunity to transfer Ribery Turin. But it is not impossible." (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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Juventus apparently impressed with the model and the structure of the stadium property pride Boca Juniors, Estadio Alberto J. Armando or better known as La Bombonera. Juve want a new stadium like they can belong to the Boca Juniors.
Since 2006, Juve play in the Stadio Olimpico owned club Torino. Continual sharing the stadium appeared to create a sultry Juventus. Therefore, breeding club Claudio Ranieri is planning to build a new stadium, which is more magnificent than the delle Alpi Stadium.

"We want to build a stadium that are similar such as La Bombonera," said Francesco Ossola, head of project development to the Juventus stadium Tuttosport.

"New Stadium will be covered later with a full aluminum, so it will reflect light and create an impression that is quite horrible," augment him.

Juventus hope the development projects that this new stadium will be finished on time, namely at the beginning of the upcoming 2010-2011 season.

Besides Juventus, Serie-A club that also plan to build a new stadium is Fiorentina. (Adek / Photo: Getty Images)

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