Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gomez fight

Stuttgart forward Mario Gomez is currently hard behavior. No half-hearted, three clubs in the Italian giants can compete to woo the German national team is the offspring of Spain at the end of the season.

Action impressive Gomez break in opposite wicket for two consecutive seasons in the Bundesliga 1, has been making elite clubs in Italy stunned. No wonder AS Roma, Juventus and AC Milan each lunge grab it.

Gomez is a striker who is the best degree berbakat.Sampai Germany in 2007 just be thanks to its productivity throughout the season. Initially only Juventus and Milan are interested to propose confess Gomez, "Now, Roma also interested in recruiting Gomez," said agent Maurizio Gaudino. "He was laudable because so few clubs like Italy, especially Rome. For Mario Francesco Totti is the fans. "

According Gaudino, Gomez is still tied with Stuttgart until 2012. The age of 22 years say this will determine the fate after the 2008 European Cup later. Gaudino but does not decline for Gomez to continue a career in Serie-A.

Far Stuttgart also would not respond with regard to removals Gomez. Possibility to go or not to Gomez will be determined by the position of Stuttgart in the Bundesliga 1 Klasemen end of the season later. (Irawan)

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