Monday, April 6, 2009

Disallows have FaceBook

Fame many friends site Facebook apparently regarded as a dangerous by Marcello Nicchi. President of the Association referee Anyar this even prohibit all referee in Italy have an account on facebook. What section?
According Nicchi, every referee statements which appear in the facebook is feared could trigger the things that are not desired. However referee must be able to maintain the integrity of their work is.

Not only are facebook, referee also have an account in the banned sites many other friends, like MySpace, Friendster, and other. Nicchi also prohibits the mediator involved in the discussion forum mailing list (mailing list, Red), blog or even a personal website in their own.

"Referee prohibited representations in the public, including via email, website, mailing list, forum, blog and many sites such as Facebook friends, and the other," tukas Nicchi.

Punishment does not play. When the referee is still the reckless violation of this rule the umpire Nicchi akan bring to the disciplinary commission. (Adek / Photo: Getty Images)

Overview info:
Regulations on the Italian referee was not allowed to speak to the media or even to do interviews related to the decisions made, even though the time the match has ended.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Villarreal striker ready to release its mainstay, Giuseppe Rossi, if there is a club who are with the transfer value of 40 million euros, or Rp611, 5 billion.

Inter Milan had indeed be interested in the Italian striker origin. issues that make the agent, Frederico Pastorello, determine the price of 40 million euros for any club interested.

"20 million euros has been denied Villarreal summer ago," said Pastorello to Gr Parlamento. "In the contract clause, which dipatok price is 40 million euros."

Since joining with Villarreal, Rossi's is growing very rapidly. Thanks to the appearance also The Yellow Submarine able to swing round quarter final Champions League this season. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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JULI later Manchester United fans will get the special treat directly witnessed his team is favored to play in Indonesia. Even according to the Ambassador Club, Bryan Robson, MU look forward to soon meet with his fans.

The certainty of MU coming to Indonesia is presented in the conference angells Official Announcement 3 Partnership and Manchester United that took place in the ballroom the hotel Ritz-Carlton, on Tuesday (31 / 3).
"Manchester United want to feel the new experience, therefore we decided to choose and come to Indonesia. We want to meet with fans fantastik from different countries, "said angells.

Indonesia should proudly selected MU in their tour of Asia later in the summer. In addition to Indonesia, three other Asian countries also visited by the Red Devils skuad, among others, China, South Korea, and Malaysia.

The more special, all the main MU team, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, and Edwin van der Sar, will be present to meet with his fans, fans in India.

"Asia Tour, the tour, especially to Indonesia, which will be later in July we conducted a very good preparation for the team to face new competition next season," said angells.

Same with angells, MU Commercial Director, Richard Arnold, the decision also states that choose MU Indonesia is based on the fact the number of Red Devils fans in Indonesia.

"Indonesia is very important for MU, because here there are 28 million fans MU. All the people in the MU, from the coach, players and club staff, very happy and have no more patience to come to Indonesia, "said Richard. (Adek / Photo: adek)

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ready TO SPAIN

José Mourinho bring back a statement concerning his desire to train outside the club Inter Milan. This time The Special One mengincar ambition to move and train club in Spain.

This is not the first time Mourinho hurl such a statement. Some of the time, even Mourinho had expressed desires to train Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson replaces a time when the later decided back.
Portugal coach is now the home you want to train one of the clubs in the Liga BBVA. Mourinho would like to feel and champion jockey title in Spain. But it will do when he takes to reach the Inter Scudetto this season.

"Dreamland is my champion to win three titles in Europe. I never win in England with Chelsea, I will do everything to reach the top in Italy, and I also want to win in Spain, "said Mourinho.

Mourinho dream itself seems to become a future reality. During this course, Inter still lead the solid-Klasemen while Serie A with seven points from the benefits of the nearest competitor, Juventus.

With the match still leaving nine remaining, Inter have a chance of reaching the Scudetto for the fourth time in succession. With notes, Inter did not lose because PLAYERS injury and can maintain consistency in their game. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

Comments Mourinho would like to train other clubs:

22 October 2007:
"I can not see myself training the national team than Portugal national team coach. If I become a coach and other team nasionL must face Portugal, it will feel wrong, "quoted from the News of the World.

Feb 15 2009:
"If I'm asked whether a day I will return to Chelsea, then I will not reject it," quoted from the Mirror.

8 March 2009:
"I can not refuse the opportunity to become Manchester United manager. Club coach requires special privileges, but no one knows what the future of the football, "quoted from the Guardian.

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AFTER a surprising decline the call and the Brazilian national team of Italy, Amauri now have a new target: defend the British national team!
Amauri is never called on to land his national team, Brazil during the nine-year career as pebola indeed make Amauri had to divert attention Italian national team.

Amauri, however surprising decline in Italy and wanted to strengthen himself trained Fabio Capello in the England national team. Amauri can defend the flag The Three Lions is because of the grandfather of workers in Bromsgrove, United Kingdom.

"This decision I can not sleep. But after consideration, I just want to follow conscience and choose English. I can not wait to work with Capello," said players named full Carvalho Amauri de Oliviera this.

Amauri also claim to have forgotten himself Italy and Brazil, which is the dream of earlier. "All is over now and I am 100 percent English," Juventus striker beber this.

"I really have not been there, but the UK looks beautiful on television, and I did not go through any one episode of Judge John the Dead," his him. (Airlangga / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Monday, March 30, 2009


enchantment David Beckham apparently still capable of making women attracted to it. In the event a gala dinner in Milan, Beckham surprised are talking with some beautiful women.
Beckham to be a special guest in the gala dinner Anema E Core Cancer Research held in Del Volo Le Officine, Monday (16 / 3) yesterday evening. In the event, Bekcham come alone. His wife, Victoria are located in Los Angeles, United States.

At least three women who successfully caught the camera is close to Beckham. One of the women are famous sosialita Italy, Gabriella Dompe.

Not like the two other women who only shoot the ordinary in front of Beckham. Gabriella did not hesitate, hesitate Beckham intimate embrace. A smile, Beckham also seen relaxing meluk Gabriella.

Hmm .... just hope that Victoria has not heard this news. Because what happens if somehow when it was up to see intimate pictures of her husband with another woman? (Adek)

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Gerrard SELL CAR

YOUR fans and car fans Steven Gerrard? If the answer is yes, then you should open a site The Liverpool captain is currently advertising to sell the car in the Range Rover own site.

Gerrard determine the price of 52,990 pounds (around Rp919 million). Although the price it is very expensive, but fans Gerrard will not be disappointed when buying this Range Rover.
Purchased in February 2008, black Range Rover is equipped with a V8 diesel engine and the tire rim of metal measuring 22 inch, which should make Gerrard to dive pocket of up to 61 thousand pounds (about Rp1, 4 billion).

Gerrard also complete Range Rover own DVD with electronic devices. The more special, each in the passenger seat there is a stitch with the number 8, the costume team Gerrard in Liverpool.

"This car is a dream for all Liverpool fans. Cars that dikoleksi mandatory. I am sure this car will direct peminat interesting, "said a source Liverpool.

Not the first time Gerrard just sell the car through Auto Trader. Years ago, Gerrard also sell car Sport HST is the price of 46,490 pounds (about Rp806, 8 million).

Besides have Range Rover, another car that has, among other dikoleksi Gerrard, Bentley Continental GT, Aston Martin Vanquish and Ferrari.

Are you interested? (Adek).

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