Thursday, March 5, 2009


BY Ernesto Bronzetti, advisers in Spain AC Milan, Real Madrid is planning to take a coach Carlo Ancelotti them great in the summer later.

The beginning of the second half of season competition, El Real official sack Bernd Schuster and recruit Juande Ramos as the new coach.
Although Ramos successfully bring Madrid appear impressive, but the club management did not plan to continue to maintain the former manager of Tottenham Hotspur.

Name Ancelotti has long-dihubung connect with Madrid. Ancelotti is very even be admired by Florentino Perez, who figures recently put up for President El Real.

"Next season later something will happen. There will be changes in the position coach, "said Bronzetti to Mediaset.

"Some clubs are interested in as a coach Carlo (Ancelotti), especially the club in the UK and in Spain, and is also included with Real Madrid," his him.

Ancelotti's position is in itself heavy pressure. Vice President Adriano Galliano had just hurl threats will sack Ancelotti, if Milan fail to bring Klasemen finish third in the final. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Cesc Fabregas is not half-doubt expressed loyalty to Arsenal. However, it is more faithful to coach Arsène Wenger. If Wenger moved from "The Gunners", the team captain is also ready to go and follow Wenger.

Summer ago Fabregas-called being a candidate to return to Barcelona. However, in the end choose Fabregas still survive in London. For him, Arsenal are the club and Wenger is the ideal figure of a coach he wanted.

"Arsenal is the ideal club and I am happy here. But, if Wenger goes, I would think to follow it," said Cesc to Cataluna Radio.

Wenger has been in the Arsenal for almost 15 seasons. In this period, "The Professor" has built the foundation and created the characters of "The Gunners" in accordance with the ideas. Ideas that may be stopped if Wenger will leave the Emirates Stadium.

Mention Cesc, Wenger has made Arsenal style of play to be beautiful. This is what makes it comfortable style of play as "The Gunners" similar to the "El Barca." "If there are teams who play in Europe such as Barcelona, it was Arsenal," Fabregas demolished.

Fabregas is currently in Spain for the recovery of injury. He hopes to re-sod in the early or mid-April to come.


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NEW boyfriend Ronaldo

Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo gol print again, but not in the opposite wicket, but this time in the gym instructor, coach hurdle origin Brazil, Gabriela. CR7, show quality in the field, but also in the bed OK!

Gabriela, 27 years working as a personal trainer at a gym near Lisbon, Portugal have been during this sepekan Ronaldo stay at home, mansion Alderley Edge, in Cheshire.

Previously, Ronaldo himself who invited Gabriela to witness the friendship fight against Finland in Portugal Algarve. One friend Gabriela says: "They met at a nightclub in Lisbon, and after that, Cristinao rent a car to meet Gabi and two friends witnessed the fight Portugal and Finland in the Algarve. He tepesona with athletic body and Gabi Gabi says CR7 extraordinary, and romantic. "

"They were dating and then look in the pink. Because he had to defend the MU and practice and can not come to Portugal as often as possible, he has to pay Gabi to fly to the UK, and Gabi is a week in the house, "said Gabi friends as quoted from The Sun.

Source The Sun added, "One thing that should be feared if Gabi Alex Ferguson to allow Ronaldo will get enough sleep when he was visiting in Manchester,"

Previously, Ronaldo dikabar a relationship with a student Olivia Saunders, after so long with some dating sexy woman and plump. Ronaldo had a serious relationship with a Spanish model, Nereida Gallardo, but this pair separated after Ronaldo found out bed with four women in four days during the injury recovery single season in Los Angeles ago. [This]


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Cancellation pilot national team against New Zealand Indonesia, do not affect the trial schedule Timnas against Manchester United (MU), coming in July. It be by Secretary General of PSSI, Nugraha Besoes.

"The match against MU will still be done. Pertandingan against MU is to enter a team in the national agenda, while the trial against New Zealand does not," said Nugraha, Thursday (5 / 3).
Nugraha with the statement, this means that the national team trials will be held with the schedule that had been developed sedari early, namely in the upcoming July 24.

MU coming to Indonesia this as a series of pre-season tour of Asia after the end of their Premier League competition.

Apart from visiting Indonesia, skuad care that Sir Alex Ferguson will also visit China, South Korea, and Malaysia.

Meanwhile, related to the cancellation of the trial team caused a national campaign during 2009 elections. PSSI Nugraha states have not been thinking about whether the national team will try beruji abroad or not.

"National team program has not been entirely delivered by PSSI, so for trials in foreign countries has not been known," he said. (Hilman / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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long-time not hear people say, suddenly Gabriel Batistuta just issued a statement surprising. Former Fiorentina striker says it desires to replace Diego Maradona in Argentina national team.
Batitusta apparently felt impressed with the presence of Maradona in the Tango. Maradona's presence has given a very positive effect for the Latin American country that. Two fight friendship that Argentina be passed successfully to the cold hand of Maradona.

It is not surprising achievement that you'd like Maradona Batistuta followed. But that desire will not do it now. Batitusta desires will realize that if Maradona has officially resigned as Argentina coach.

"Maradona has given the team a new motivation in Argentina," praised Batistuta. "From what I've see the two fight friendship, I think this team have been running to the right direction."

"I want to coach Argentina national team, but later when I will achieve Diego (Maradona) is no longer coach the national team," accuse him.

Batitusta is printing in the most goals Tango. Appearance of 78 times with Argentina, has been successful Batitusta print as many as 56 goals. (Adek / Photo: Getty Images)

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