Friday, March 27, 2009

Mancini TO TURKEY?

Issues concerning re-developing the club which will be former Inter Milan coach, Roberto Mancini. This time the news coming from Turkey, Fenerbahce precisely.
Mancini several times that associated with Chelsea and some other big clubs are still unemployed. Bring to a successful coach Inter scudetto three times in a row is still a matter of the still future.

However, the bids came from the Turkish club, Fenerbahce. Fenerbahce coach who is a former Spanish Matador team coach, Luis Aragones can not be considered to perform its duties properly.

Fenerbahce, which is one of the big teams in Turkey, at this time was in the rank-4 to the left away from Klasemen leaders Sivasspor.

Therefore, Fenerbahce want former Sampdoria and Lazio player to replace Aragones. How Mancio? (Airlangga / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Villarreal will give free tickets to the game throughout the 2009-10 season to the fansnya affected by the global economic crisis.
"In future we will provide free tickets throughout the season," said President Fernando Roig.

"The idea is done for the sake of social clubs and also to provide opportunities to those who can not continue watching football at the Madrigal, as loss of employment," augment him.

Roig add to the range himself with the club directors, pelatif staff, the players and sponsors will be working hard to find funding for his ideas are realized.

The idea that this was issued by Roig also received support from striker Joseba Llorente. According to Llorente, this idea is very good to do remember the impact of the economic crisis has made many people can not watch the match again at the stadium.

"We're happy to be involved in this case because the idea is right to apply at this time. Many people who lost their jobs, and unfortunately it seems that when they create can not come to the stadium watching the match, "said Llorente. (Adek / Photo: Getty Images)

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ready Skip Madrid

Barcelona are in the right path to reach new record in the Liga BBVA. El Barca need 24 more goals to exceed the record 107 goals in one season belong to Real Madrid.

In the 1989-90 season, the Madrid coach John Toshack era, able to put in a nest 107 goals in one season of competition. Since 19 years had passed, no one club is able to rival, even exceed that record.
However, this season Barcelona has much to break that record its rival. Skuad upbringing coach Josep Guardiola has reached 84 goals from 28 appearance in the UEFA BBVA. That means that El Barca need 23 more goals to equal, or 24 touchdown passes for the record.

The remaining ten fight again is not impossible for Lionel Messi et al 24 to pursue goals. At least, they need an average of 3 goals in each partainya, or the mathematical calculation of course is 2.4 goals per his party.

However, if seen from the defense statistics, in the era Guardiola barcelona still better than Madrid in the Toshack era. Up to 28 parties, El Barca hurdle that kept Victor Valdes new penetration 24 goals. Meanwhile, Madrid goalkeeper, Francisco Buyo, penetration should be as many as 27 goals with the number of the same party.

Of a total of 84 goals so far Barcelona, trio Messi, Samuel Etoo and Thierry Henry emerged as the main figure. More than half goal Barcelona printed by three, ie, 59 goals. Etoo, print 25 goals, Messi (19), and Henry (15). (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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Force Ronaldo to Madrid

Issue of Cristiano Ronaldo appears again in Spanish and English. Daily U.S. Daily Mail and, dare say Ronaldo has to go to Real Madrid because of a "compulsion" from the referee.

Since seasons ago, Madrid was the only club the most diligent tree stars of Manchester United. Many of the bids, and issues continue to affect the fidelity provided Ronaldo with Satan Red.

Now, the U.S. and the Daily Mail began to associate the referee in the Premier League as the reason for the strong can make Ronaldo went to the League BBVA. His players called CR7 ber that is often complained about the referee in less specifically protect players such as himself from the action of the opponent.
There is rarely a Ronaldo frequently complained to the referee's performance protest action in the field. Including at himself often made rough back at MU defeated Fulham 0-2, (21 / 3) ago. It also recognized MU manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, who said referee rarely give more attention to the stars it is.

"I believe it is their tactics," said Ferguson. "One player he was in violation, then followed by other players. Then referee considered only diving, and screaming and I also began to appear mortification."

Fergie is also taking an example in the case outside the Premier League, which is in the Champions League. When the original Italian referee, Roberto Rosetti, gave a red card to the back Villarreal, Joan Capdevilla, due to the severity tekel single Ronaldo. Fergie and comparisons, if the same happens in the UK, which may not come out red cards.

Factors that strengthen the more rumor Ronaldo will discharge from the Premier League. Moreover, the pengadil in Spain or Italy, is considered very detailed attention to every violation of the stars. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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Petition MALDINI

padrone legend while AC Milan, Paolo Maldini, suggests the birth of Brazilian striker Juventus, Carvalho Amauri, to choose more than the Italian national team of his country.

Since this one season, Amauri is still diperebutkan between the two countries, Italy and Brazil. The players themselves have not been taking a decision which the team will be its hitherto.
"This often happens in every branch of sport in various countries in the world," said the former captain of GLI Azzurri. "Some of our rival countries such as France, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and use some of the birth of Africa, although the need to manage time passport for the players. Amauri Why can not the same?"

France won the World Cup 1998, Spain and the Netherlands also European Cup win out. So we also become a world champion in 2006 ago with the birth of Argentina, ie, Mauro Camoranesi. So, I feel very profitable if Amauri to play for us, "added Maldini.

The two trainers from the two countries, Marcello Lippi (Italy) and Carlos Dunga (Brazil), has opened the door for the national team Amauri. Now, all depends on the final decision from the players themselves. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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World Cup 2010 tickets

World Cup 2010 also has not been held, but the party has begun its visible now. FIFA has announced that as many as one million tickets have been ordered to watch the way the football event will take place in South Africa is.
The ticket buyer is mostly coming from the South African population, the order tickets through the branch offices of banks in all regions in Africa.

While the customer is ordering online has reached more than 160 countries, with South Africa in order first, followed by England and the United States.

First phase World Cup ticket sales in 2010 will be closed on Tuesday (31 / 3) front, with the amount of 743 thousand tickets available for sale to the general public.

Phase two tickets will be opened on 4 May to 16 November, with system sales who come first will be served first as well.

Although the number of customers has reached as many as one million, the sale of tickets for the World Cup in 2010 this target has not reached half of that expected. But the biggest football title that will be followed by the 2006 World Cup champion, Italy, Euro 2008 champion, Spain and Brazil.

Meanwhile, ticket sales for the Confederation Cup tournament has been increased to reach 10 percent. Confederation Cup tournament itself will be held in South Africa in June next. This tournament will be followed by eight teams. (Adek / Photo: Getty Images)

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