Friday, March 27, 2009

Force Ronaldo to Madrid

Issue of Cristiano Ronaldo appears again in Spanish and English. Daily U.S. Daily Mail and, dare say Ronaldo has to go to Real Madrid because of a "compulsion" from the referee.

Since seasons ago, Madrid was the only club the most diligent tree stars of Manchester United. Many of the bids, and issues continue to affect the fidelity provided Ronaldo with Satan Red.

Now, the U.S. and the Daily Mail began to associate the referee in the Premier League as the reason for the strong can make Ronaldo went to the League BBVA. His players called CR7 ber that is often complained about the referee in less specifically protect players such as himself from the action of the opponent.
There is rarely a Ronaldo frequently complained to the referee's performance protest action in the field. Including at himself often made rough back at MU defeated Fulham 0-2, (21 / 3) ago. It also recognized MU manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, who said referee rarely give more attention to the stars it is.

"I believe it is their tactics," said Ferguson. "One player he was in violation, then followed by other players. Then referee considered only diving, and screaming and I also began to appear mortification."

Fergie is also taking an example in the case outside the Premier League, which is in the Champions League. When the original Italian referee, Roberto Rosetti, gave a red card to the back Villarreal, Joan Capdevilla, due to the severity tekel single Ronaldo. Fergie and comparisons, if the same happens in the UK, which may not come out red cards.

Factors that strengthen the more rumor Ronaldo will discharge from the Premier League. Moreover, the pengadil in Spain or Italy, is considered very detailed attention to every violation of the stars. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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