Friday, March 27, 2009

ready Skip Madrid

Barcelona are in the right path to reach new record in the Liga BBVA. El Barca need 24 more goals to exceed the record 107 goals in one season belong to Real Madrid.

In the 1989-90 season, the Madrid coach John Toshack era, able to put in a nest 107 goals in one season of competition. Since 19 years had passed, no one club is able to rival, even exceed that record.
However, this season Barcelona has much to break that record its rival. Skuad upbringing coach Josep Guardiola has reached 84 goals from 28 appearance in the UEFA BBVA. That means that El Barca need 23 more goals to equal, or 24 touchdown passes for the record.

The remaining ten fight again is not impossible for Lionel Messi et al 24 to pursue goals. At least, they need an average of 3 goals in each partainya, or the mathematical calculation of course is 2.4 goals per his party.

However, if seen from the defense statistics, in the era Guardiola barcelona still better than Madrid in the Toshack era. Up to 28 parties, El Barca hurdle that kept Victor Valdes new penetration 24 goals. Meanwhile, Madrid goalkeeper, Francisco Buyo, penetration should be as many as 27 goals with the number of the same party.

Of a total of 84 goals so far Barcelona, trio Messi, Samuel Etoo and Thierry Henry emerged as the main figure. More than half goal Barcelona printed by three, ie, 59 goals. Etoo, print 25 goals, Messi (19), and Henry (15). (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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