Monday, February 9, 2009

Barcelona pulverized GIJON

Rate Liga BBVA Barcelona in this season are not terbendung. El Barca back tajinya show, this time defeated 3-1 Sporting Gijon at the Camp Nou.

As usual, El Barca play the game quickly since the early minutes. Trio Samuel eto 'o, Thierry Henry, Lionel Messi and make back-back Gijon prop fog.

The result, not until 13 minutes, El Barca almost through superior kicking Henry. Unfortunately the leather is cut in the round up rule.

11 minutes later, exactly 24 minutes to, nets Gijon actually vibrate. Henry succeeded in giving the ball to eto "o for the print-to 18nya goal this season.

Eto "o again showed strength as a dangerous attacker for El Barca. After passing through the 1 player, attacker Cameroon is home to whale the ball into position in the 2-0 minutes to-40.

In the second round, El-Barca become increasingly so. Golden opportunities are created Messi and Xavi Hernandez. unfortunately the end of the settlement of a lack of good foil score increases.

But kicking Dani Alves on 65 minutes to make El Barca ensure victory. Gol entertainment malcaszu Mateo 3 minutes after the victory is not El Barca, 3-1 score stand up to be pronounced final whistle.

Barcelona drive in the nails him as ruler Liga BBVA with this victory. 59 points obtained by El Barca victory to make Real Madrid the previous day does not mean much.

Meanwhile, at another successful Atletico Madrid beat Recreativo Huelva 3-0 with a score. Gol-gol Atletico printed Sergio "Kun" Aguero at the match to enter the new minutes to-3. Two other goal Diego Forlan on the printed minutes to 27 and 34. (Airlangga / Photo: Getty Images)

Results Liga BBVA others, Sunday (8 / 2):
Espanyol 1-1 Getafe (Soldado 26 - Alonso 7)
Malaga 3-2 Almeria (Luque 48, Ballesta 64, 75 - Uche 26, Negredo 45)
Real Mallorca 1-1 Deportivo La Coruna (Aduriz 56, Verdu (p) 77)
Valladoid 2-1 Athletic Bilbao (Victor (p) 38, 59 - Orbaiz (p) 62)
Villareal 2-1 Numancia (Rossi 15, 68 - Aranda 39)

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Hunter WANT THE Disconnect

NOT even two weeks Klaas-Jan Huntelaar to join Real Madrid, has been given the desire to go. According to the U.S., The Hunter felt less satisfied with the beginning of the less good new is d clubs.

Since joining the Santiago Bernabeu with a value of 20 million euros 67 days ago, the fight-Huntelaar laganya with less satisfactory. Six of the fight are Madrid, The Hunter played only three times, once as itupun new starter. Total, former Ajax Amsterdam attacker that a new show for 151 minutes, without a single goal.

Condition is clearly quite disappointing for the hope that Huntelaar himself can appear as the core. Moreover, the national team's fate in the Netherlands for the World Cup in 2010, depending on how the appearance later in Madrid.

"He did not hold with the situation like this," said one source nearest Huntelaar to the U.S.. "Madrid can play in the UEFA Champions League and BBVA. But Juande Ramos is not yet one hundred percent trust. Because he is considering to go."

Huntelaar outstanding issues start to consider playing in the Premier League and Serie-A. Some clubs such as Chelsea, Arsenal or Juventus intend to start buying them. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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Only goal when Ryan Giggs puppet face West Ham United, Sunday (8 / 2) is enough to bring Manchester United to the throne Klasemen while the Premier League.

Satan still has the Red savings 2 before the match is the match, must be able to beat West Ham United at Upton Park for Liverpool can go through the win over Portsmouth the previous day.

Man. United and West Ham United were playing open. The result was some of the opportunities created in this first phase.

Lucas Neill on the kick 12 minutes can still be Edwin van der Sar, no change of Carlton Cole earned in the same minute.

Man. United also did not want to lag, kicking hard Dimitar Berbatov, Paul Scholes and Nemanja Vidic from outside the box 12 still fails to fit down Robert Green.

In the second phase, Satan succeeded in splitting the Red impasse. Ryan Giggs on the successful Green snooker to-62 minutes. Kick right foot from the left corner to the right melesat hurdle Green.

1 point behind the Hammers appear to make more attacks. Carlton Cole many times create opportunities for my firm's Van Der Sar thwart opportunities child care Gianfranco Zola.

Be pronounced until the long whistle, the score does not change. With this victory the Red Satan works through Liverpool. Liverpool are 54 points behind menggengam number of Man 2. United in the ranking of 1 with 56 points. (Airlangga / Photo: Getty Images)

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TWO landed smack in the citadel of AC Milan after playing 1-1 against Reggina balance last week. In addition to losing the second position, I also lose the Rossoneri Kaka.
Kaka injury get in the match held at the San Siro that. Panic fear of injury because players are seriously injured, coach Carlo Ancelotti directly ask medical team to bring Kaka to the nearest hospital. Fortunate results of the initial scanning, Kaka is not a serious injury.

However, results from advanced scanning, Sunday (8 / 2), there is light at the foot injury left Kaka. Based on the official release of Milan, the former world's best players that have to be absent for at least two weekends. He estimated a new time will go back to Milan Cagliari in the San Siro on 22 February to come.

This is clearly a sick jolt. Section, in Milan this weekend will do great fight against the rival sekota, Inter Milan. I Rossoneri strength clearly decreased with the presence of Kaka.

Not only for Milan. Brazil also affected a result. Coach Carlos Dunga clearly can not use the services Kaka friendship fight against Italy on Wednesday (11 / 2).

He estimated a new time will go back to Milan Cagliari in the San Siro on 22 February to come.

Cropper Kaka, Ronaldinho for fresh air. Section, in some dinho fight is always the last option under the second Kaka. Now, when Kaka must absent, dinho will likely fill the position behind the two-striker who is a trusted colleague to the country. (spur / Photo: Dock. SOCCER)

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Stars Gary Neville Tips: Helping Serangan Attack

GARY Neville right-back known as a respite. Its position is almost not replaceable at Manchester United or any Timnas UK. To the BBC, he would like to share tips to help with the attacks the right way to lure a team of colleagues. What sarannya?

The basic techniques
If you want to play it like pebola successful professional, you must diligently practice the simple passing of each day. That lure is the most accurate techniques that ensure your team hold the ball.

You definitely feel practice simple techniques such as this boring. However, it is a fundamental technique in order to tempt or control the ball well.

Use your body
You need to use the entire body that can tempt you with the good. If you right-legged, then put your left foot on the ball. And then kick.

You must kick the ball right in the middle so the ball does not bounce. That will be easier to control your colleagues.

Use your arms as balance. Head remains upright position while the eyes look to the direction of the ball.

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Tips Stars David James: Being the goalie Better

English national team goalkeeper, David James is known as one of the deft goalie. He was able to hold a number of opportunities for the door with a variety of print touchdown-saving hit. Want to like himself? James unbosom goalkeeper to be dexterous as herself.

Diligent practice BASIC ENGINEERING
I set up practice with a tight schedule. When you catch the train cross the 20 bait feels boring. But you must do at least three or four times a week.

This should be keeping your body in order to focus and do not need to have rudimentary errors in anticipating the attack when the opponent in the match.

All is in all aspects including tasks such as keeping wicket kicking, hitting, or even jump. You can mention it and the other is to be executed.

I think if it can be, then you will look fantastic. But it feels really boring.

But it will be valuable when you are seen as a trusted national team goalkeeper in your country.

Stay in shape
Top athletes, such as a Rolls Royce need to be treated. If Rolls Royce diesel plant, the performance will not be as expected of people.

You will need to make healthy lifestyles. Club night and the night does not help you to perform better.

Keep emotions
Emotional factors are important and I think that applies in all branches of sports.
Is the essence of sports competition. If you lose control when the situation is not as you expect then you will drop.

No matter how great your ability. If you think people give up easily, then you will not be used in any team.

AND cry Speak!
One thing that is very important for the goalkeeper is communication. I spend a lot of time to cry out to the colleagues of the team, so when I do that in the match, mreka understanding I mean.

Conversely, not only that I speak to them. They must also be good to communicate with me.

It is important to be trained in the exercise, without the crowd in the match. That way, all know what to do when the pressure came in the match.

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Stars David Beckham Tips: Printing Gol

Print a vital goal in soccer. It is therefore important for every player is able to do so. English national team star, David Beckham to share tips to create a terrific goal.

Anyone would say this, but this is the most important shot in the right target.

And, this does not depend on the strength, but I think accuracy is more important. If you can kick to the corner gate, the opportunity to create greater goals.

A good way to do this is to disguise the direction of kick. My former colleague at Real Madrid, Ronaldo is doing terrific. He saw a way to shoot, but suddenly a shot is released to the direction toward the other.

When the shoot, it is important to maintain the position of the body. Foot that is used as the object can not be too close to the ball, not the distance but also for maintaining the balance.

It is also important to keep the ball down to the fixed point. To do so, determine the position of the body.

Shooting is a technique that is not easily mastered, and many things to remember to do so. The key is to practice as often as possible.

Printing goal not only of foot. The head can also be used to score a goal. All the best striker certainly can take his head with both.

I am not too bad in the butt. I highly tolerable. This means I had a big reach the ball. The key is only possible jump and courage horn ball.

Perhaps the most serious thing is to keep the eyes still open. It was not easy, but it is important to open the eyes may be time for a butt.

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Berputar: Cruyff Turn

ENGINEERING is known as the Cruyff Turn introduced by the legendary Dutch player, Johan Cruyff.

You must practice a lot of foot movement and has a flexible light-footed and able to do so. However, the pay expensive because the opponent feels like when you're able to pass the lead on this technique.

Tips To Cruyff Turn:

1. Position your body in such a way as you want to take or deliver fuel to cross the opponent. But you do not really tempt. Rather interesting by using the ball in the foot.

2.Next shoulders and rotate your waist line with the ball. In a position that you are ready to run with the ball. And, your opponent will feel swizzle.

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Tackling: Sliding Tackle

TO basically sliding tackle is an effective technique in the snatch the ball from the opponent. However, think first before do so.

Please note, this technique takes a really appropriate time to do so. Once late or too fast, violations can occur. Imagine if that happened in the penalty box your team.

In addition, when performing a sliding tackle, the position you fall down on the field. If you determine the right time so that the ball failed to be seized, a major problem waiting. Opponent that is still easily bring the ball past you are still in the land of sprawl. Therefore, this technique is better to be the last choice for you to grab the ball.

Tips do sliding tackles:

1.All form of forbidden tackle from behind in football. Therefore, you must make a tackle from the side or front of your opponent.
If you are behind the opponent, so make sure you take the ball from the side.

2.Use feet away from the opponent to make a tackle you. Try subduct way to associate the foot ball. Or if possible directly over to colleagues. One note, make sure you stand up immediately after the rise to sliding tackle. Whether the success or not.

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Heading: Basic Engineering gore

ENGINEERING horn have mastered by every player, no matter in which position he plays.

To make a secure horn, use the frontal horn to the ball. This section is also the most effective to direct horn.

So, you set the position and the time is right to do with the right horn.

Doing horn tips:

1.When you start preparing jump, eyes must hold specific to the direction of the ball. Look for positions that can touch the ball. Use both your legs to jump.

2. When the jump is, you should not dwell only in the air. You will need to make some movement to strengthen the energy your butt.

First to be done is bend your knee. Then you back buckling. Then, push forward and the head and body when you are in contact with the ball. Remember, in situations like this your neck be kept tight.

So, usually the opposite is also fight in the butt. So, you have to use both arms as a means of balance in the air. But be careful not to move until you are too high or about the opponent because you will get the punishment from the referee.

3. Try butt the ball in the position of the highest jump you. For, if lower, the opponent can grab. Once again the butt the ball with the forehead or above the eyebrow. And, when the horn, open your eyes to lead well.

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Shooting: Shooting Basic Technique

To print a touchdown, one of which is required or the ability to shoot a good shooting. Thus, the legal obligation for each player to master the techniques to shoot better.

Basic Shooting Tips:

1. Strength and accuracy are the most basic things in the shot. Direction to keep the ball down with the side kick in the leg. Meanwhile, to increase the power stroke, swing leg quickly. And then proceed to swing the ball after a thorough tendang.

Try to drive the ball and drill down to the corner gate area because it is most difficult that can be achieved goalkeeper. In addition, if the shot to the far side, then your colleagues the opportunity to print the score by using the ball rebound from the backlash you.

2. You try hard shot. But do not forget accuracy. No matter what most of you are shot, if it does not lead to the target will be quite useless. You and your team take the opportunity again to make fire.

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Goalkeeping: Catch Shot

Goalkeeper must always be ready to hold fire at any time. They should not unmindful least, though not so long to do everything in the game.

Therefore, the concentration is very important meaning. This is the main factor in keeping wicket. The goalkeeper is always charged to secure the wicket he is ready.

This is indeed not easy to do. However, capturing and holding the shot right, so that the ball in the sticky embrace very crucial means.

To that end, Learn various techniques to catch the ball in anticipating a variety of attacks. One of how a good shot with the opponent.

How do:

1. If your good foot movement, then you can anticipate a variety of direct shot to the body. Remember, you can do with thoroughly. Section, this is the most secure way to catch the ball. But the first principle to remember is try to flush your body with a shot that will be received.

2. Hug the ball with hand and fist to the stomach. When the catch, not the body is too rigid. Thus rather, make the body relaxed so that the speed of fire decreased. Then, the line your body, then hug the ball to the chest rise.

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TRICKS goalee

Goalkeeper must always be ready to hold fire at any time. They should not unmindful least, though not so long to do everything in the game.

Therefore, the concentration is very important meaning. This is the main factor in keeping wicket. The goalkeeper is always charged to secure the wicket he is ready.

This is indeed not easy to do. However, capturing and holding the shot right, so that the ball in the sticky embrace very crucial means.

To that end, Learn various techniques to catch the ball in various anticipate attacks. One of how a good shot with the opponent.

How do:

1. If your good foot movement, then you can anticipate a variety of direct shot to the body. Remember, you can do with thoroughly. Section, this is the most secure way to catch the ball. But the first principle to remember is try to flush your body with a shot that will be received.

2. Hug ball with their hands and to hold the stomach. When the catch, not the body is too rigid. Thus rather, make that body relaxed speed teredam shot. Then, as tegaknnya your body, then the ball hug rise to the chest.

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Heading: Defensive Heading

The main purpose in doing heading in the defense is to own the ball as far as possible in order to secure the gate. However, in principle, better butt the ball to the left or the right gate, rather than to the front gate. For, the opponent will be able to utilize.

How do:

1.Head find the ball as soon as possible. Do not to be preceded by an opponent who is also grab the ball. Try the ball from the side. Horn this will make you stronger and you are also more protected from the possibility collide with the opponent.

2. Be careful with your arm. If your elbow or throw the opponent with your arm, then the threat of impunity penalty kick or free shade. To have the ball go strong, try to touch the ball in the bottom half of the ball. Also prepare your back in such a way so that your forehead with the ball coming.

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Defending: Jockeying

Jockeying not related to horse riding or the like. This is just how to survive without the need to tackle.

This technique is quite effective to prevent movement of the opponent so that partners can setim back to the position of each well to survive. Is the position itself so that the opponent is forced long-duration holding the ball.

How do:

1. Position body slightly awry, but the shoulder remains open. This will ease the restrictions to movement for the opponent. In addition, you can also continue to follow the movement in front of your opponent. Keep in mind, a little tekuklah knee and drop your body weight forward so that you easily change direction.

2. You must continue to keep your body still awry, but still try to keep opponents in the future. You can do this by using the back foot as the object to rotate.

3. Paste as much as possible with both arms opposite your arm. This will make the opponent feel depressed. But remember, do not use it to push up the offense will bear fruit.

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Passing: camber ball

All players such as David Beckham and Ronaldinho making the opponent often provide carry-in. Not be suspected of passing the ball curved so that they can outwit the opponent. How so? Try this trick.

How do:

1.first position your body as possible with the ball that will kick. Find the best distance for the kick. There are good start this exercise from the free kick. But if one does not have to do in the game.

2.To bend the ball from left to right direction, use your feet in the side. Kick ball right in the middle of the right side of the ball. Conversely, if you want to curve the ball from left to right, kick ball with the outside of the foot. Almost the same as the previous technique, kick ball in the middle on the left side of the ball.

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Rotate: The Drag Back

Kept tight so that the opponent does not have much room to move often create confusion. But do not despair. You can drag back techniques to escape from the convoy opponent. If the wily do, guaranteed to keep the opponent difficulty.

Tips to do:

1. Factors that determine the speed. You should be able to move fast and light-footed movement that became perfect. Originally put your foot on the ball first.

2. Then keep sticky feet that hold the ball. Then, back ball to the back. At the same time, turn the direction of turn. Continue practice movement is repeated in order to perform advanced drag back.

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