Sunday, March 22, 2009

Madrid Bid Again

Outstanding news that Real Madrid prepare for the fund of 70 million pounds (about Rp1, 2 trillion), to hijack AC Milan's Kaka.
Later in July, El Real will hold elections for a new club president Ramon Calderón replace the sack last year. One strong candidate, Florentino Perez predicted more people will win this election.

Perez, making Madrid epithet synonymous with Los Galacticos, say you want to buy Kaka interested. Perez seems to desire is in line with the desire management El Real, who have long wanted to bring Kaka.

Daily Spain, Sport claims that Barcelona are willing to dive pocket of 70 million pounds in order to coax that Kaka would like to move to Santiago Bernabeu. In fact, El Real is also not shy Kaka salary increase to 12 million pounds per year (around Rp207, 5 billion).

However, Barcelona appear to need extra hard business indeed confirmed when you want to buy Kaka. The stock transfer in January alone, emphatically reject Kaka bid 100 million pounds (about Rp1, 7 billion) from Manchester City. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Trainers MOST POOR

DURING all these people would always think that a football coach has a big salary. But it apparently did not apply to the Barcelona coach, Josep Guardiola.
Did you Baha Guardiola has a smaller salary than most trainers with all the top clubs Europe. Of course, this fact is quite surprising when considering Guardiola is a coach El Barca, one of the richest club in the world.

In addition, Guardiola may be spelled out very successful flow along El Barca this season 2008-09. Not only create a successful summit in Barcelona, firmly Klasemen while BBVA League, Guardiola also make the team go to the Copa del Rey final round and quarter final Champions League.

But what reward for Guardiola? He only be paid as much as 1.5 million euros per year (around Rp24, 5 billion). Salary is still quite far from the salary of Jose Mourinho and Juande Ramos.

Nevertheless, management has agreed EL Barca will increase the salary of Guardiola three times. Condition itself is quite heavy, Guardiola should be able to bring Barcelona champion jockey three trofi.

Nah, this can be a challenge, Guardiola? (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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BONUS trustiness

AS compensation signer on the new contract, management gave Liverpool ready made cash bonus of 30 million pounds (about Rp520, 4 billion) to Rafael Benitez.
Of the funds, of course, will be used as additional funds for Rafael Benitez to buy new players. Previous Benitez already has its own fund of 12 million pounds (about Rp208, 1 billion).

With as much money, it is reported Benitez will be used to purchase Aston Villa captain, Gareth Barry and the Tottenham Hotspur winger, Aaron Lennon.

However, one of the duo Liverpool owners, Tom Hicks asserts that his promises can not be any problem Benitez the funds to purchase the new transfer.

"Rafa (Benitez) want to know is how we will win and become champion," said Hicks.

"And during the last few years, we have followed the recommendation from him to buy Fernando Torres, Martin Skrtel, yossi Benayoun and Andrea Dossena," he said. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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José Mourinho will be in stone. The size of the mouth that often throw statements hard, making her the doghouse now Mourinho by all trainers Serie-A.

It is not a secret anymore if comments like Mourinho are hard. Even the commentary is not rare that create enmity with the parties who feel offended by Mourinho criticized.
After the former Siena coach, Luigi Simoni mention Mourinho as the figures do not have respect, criticism is now also made it harder former AS Roma coach, Carlo Mazzone.

"Mourinho did not understand at all about Italian football. He is a great coach, but he must learn not to issue controversial statements, especially when the team experienced defeat, "said Mazzone.

"What's the behave like that? Mourinho should not need a lot of talk, so we can see the ability as a coach, "he added.

Recently course, Mourinho was sentenced a fine of 10 thousand euros (about Rp163, 4 million) by the relieved Calcio related protests severity anchor Inter Milan Fiorentina's 2-0 win last week. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Defeat wolfs

AS ROMA must swallow bitter pill after the embarrassment created by Juventus in their own cage with enough light score, 1-4, (21 / 3).

Heroic action appears to the two Juve goal striker Vincenzo Iaquinta. In addition, Olof Mellberg and Pavel Nedvěd a complement suffering I Gialorossi.

Rome actually have direct attack on the first five minutes through John Arne Riise. However, goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon is still spry under the rule JUve.

Just minutes to the 34-Juve can excel through the first Iaquinta. Half-mature young victim Sebastian Giovinco are able to deliver Iaquinta shot to the corner gate failed anticipated goalkeeper Alexander Doni.
Two second half minutes to run, Romans finally succeeded when the position offset corner kick Jeremy Menez finished with a touch by Simone Loria.

However, Juve winning return when the game entered the minutes to-54, back through Iaquinta. Tiago bait in the right hand side was the fact that Riise toss the ball to the front gate Doni. Iaquinta has been waiting with a sprightly horn directly to the ball to its goal.

Doni vibrate back gate for the third time, after a corner kick by Alessandro Del Piero ditanduk perfect back home by Sweden, Olof Mellberg, to the left corner of the goalpost.

Not yet satisfied with three goals, understudy, Pavel Nedvěd, participated during hard kick from outside the penalty box failed to anticipate Doni. Despite working hard chase, Roma failed to print the score again until the end of the match.

This victory makes the difference between the position of Juve's top four figures stand, Inter Milan, at the peak Klasemen. Meanwhile, Roma must be restrained in order Klasemen six Serie-A, with a collection of 46 numbers.

In the previous fight, Lazio back swallow defeat chronological order. Chievo slaughter after his 0-3 last week, this time turn to steal a number of Catania.

Catania single goal victory by Michelle Paolucci printed in the minutes to-24. Lazio almost equate the position only if the execution Goran Pandev penalty not be defeated Catania goalkeeper.

This result delivers Catania temporarily increased to 11 to obtain the ranking of 37 points. Lazio while restrained in the ranking with 41 points 8. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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