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Manchester City may need to think more carefully about their plans to solve the world transfer record for realizing their ambition English Primer League rule, and even Europe.

Although the failure to realize the transfer of £ 108 million for Milan star Kaka, the Citizens seem to stay to wait for the record-breaking time these players are not wobbly world since 2001 in the name of Zinedine Zidane.

Kaka may reject proposal that English clubs, but the amount of money that is seemingly infinite group home owned by Abu Dhabi City is making a big step forward at the beginning of their menggaet Robinho as these players with the UK £ 32.5 million from Real Madrid.

However, if seen from the fact these players at each position below, we can see if the money is always a success for a club for the long term. With the 3-4-3 formation, these players are in British pounds currency and a degree (except the champion of the tournament as Italy or Supercoppa Community Shield English) that they give to the club.


Gianluigi Buffon, Parma - Juventus, £ 32.6 million, Cup: Serie A 2001/02, 2002/03, 2006/07 Serie B.

Juventus transfer the funds received from Real Madrid to bring the three star players, Lilian Thuram, Pavel Nedvěd, and Gianluigi Buffon as the goalkeeper of the world these. Trident Scudetto bring it directly in their inaugural season and also next season.

However, the achievement Bianconeri in Serie A crown jockey in 2004/05 and 2005/06 should be revoked in connection with the case calciopoli, even though they are a direct rise next season to become a champion Serie B at the same time to return to Italian football's highest caste.

Unfortunately, Buffon has not succeeded in reaching the Champions League title due to less-compete penalty from Milan in the final in 2003 and must be satisfied with the title of UEFA Cup with Parma in the club before 1998/99.


Lilian Thuram, Parma - Juventus, £ 22 million, Cup: Serie A 2001/02, 2002/03

After shining with Chicken Jantan French team in World Cup 1998 and Euro 2000, Thuram is also a fate similar to Buffon in the case of transfer from Parma to Juventus, and did not want to lose with Buffon, he holds back these predicate merebutnya world after Rio Ferdinand's hand (West Ham - Leeds).

However, while Juventus have to go down to Serie B, Thuram prefer to move to Barcelona where he spent two seasons without a title before retiring in 2008.

Rio Ferdinand, Leeds United - Manchester United, £ 29.1 million, Cup: English Primer League 2002/03, 2006/07, 2007/08, 2007/08 Champions League, UEFA Cup 2006, World Cup 2008 Inter-club

Rio Ferdinand was a two-time status of these back. In November 2000, Leeds willing to pay £ 18 million to West Ham and the record of Walter Samuel, Boca Juniors and then to Rome in 2002 when these back into the world until now, this time to exceed the record Thuram Juventus.

Although Ferdinand failed to take the title for Leeds, his career at Old Trafford just to make it into the highest degree with these teams in the world. Red devils not appear futile break the bank, although it had a bad showing in the first season and also not take part in the FA Cup title in 2004 because the ban affected eight months due to appear absent in doping tests.

Duet him back with the Serbian Nemanja Vidic has a large share in a double degree in 2008/09 and also the world's best club in 2008 to bring the World Cup with Inter club. Sir Alex Ferguson also not forget to give the award for the UK is back with a pin in the tire captain Champions League final in Moscow.

Daniel Alves, Sevilla - Barcelona, £ 23.5 million, Cup: Nil

Brazil arrived back at the Nou Camp this season beginning with each of the two UEFA Cup titles and the Copa del Rey in a note in his career with Sevilla.

Dani Alves is not have to wait long to adapt and integrates directly with the team through the 25 parties that played up to him at this time and right age back 25 years is likely to achieve greater degree in the Spanish Primera Liga season with the first La Blaugrana.

With increasing game Barcelona, both in domestic and European stage, Dani Alves seems to not have to wait longer to start to bring the title to Catalan.


Pavel Nedvěd, Lazio - Juventus, £ 30.6 million, Cup: Serie A 2001/02, 2002/03, 2006/07 Serie B

Stars Czech Juventus brought this to replace Zinedine Zidane, who has been sold to Real Madrid. Same as Thuram and Buffon, who also uses the results transfer them to buy Zidane, Nedved shines directly in Turin.

Nedved also faithful to La Vecchia Signora and choose to stand after scandals calciopoli that Juve down to Serie B. Nedved successfully achieve the title of Serie B in 2006/07 and make them go back Serie A. In addition, a number of individual awards, including the Ballon d'Or 2003, coloring his career with Juventus.

Gaizka Mendieta, Valencia - Lazio, £ 29 million, Cup: Nil

Effect of Zidane also effect the transfer to Lazio. Pavel Nedvěd pullout force them to buy half of it was shining bright Gaizka Mendieta of Valencia.

Gemilangan Mendieta appear on the season 1999/2000 and 2000/01 at a Los Che to beruntun Champions League final, although the subject must be from Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in the second opportunity. Achievements make this gift Mendieta get 'full Open Europe' for two consecutive seasons.

Euro 2000 is also a place verification Mendieta, after successfully bringing the team to Matador quarter-final, and shall not shrink from Lazio contribute funds to buy as much.

Ironically, the transfer is to be anti-climax for him, failed to shine after the Serie A, and make it loaned to Barcelona before finally be free to Middlesbrough. Although Mendieta had brought home the title for the 2004 UEFA Cup Boro, injury maximum length and does not create a contract Mendieta's released at the end of season ago and now is still without a club.

Zinedine Zidane, Juventus - Real Madrid, £ 48.1 million, Cup: La Liga 2002/03, 2001/02 Champions League, UEFA Super Cup 2002, Cup Interkontinental (Toyota) 2002

Even though the champion has to reach the World Cup 1998, European Cup 2000, two versions of the FIFA World Open in 1998 and 2000, and many other trophies with Juventus, many are still surprised at the pay Real Madrid £ 48.1 million and recorded a world record transfer not broken until now.

However, along with other galacticos, 'zizou' directly bring Champions League title to the Bernabeu in perdananya season, other than the European Super Cup 2002, Cup Interkontinental 2002, and also the title of La Liga 2002/03. Things that make it back as dinobat version of the FIFA World Open for the third time in 2003.

Along with the end of the era when galactico sack Vicente Del Bosque, star Zidane was overcast when the lift fails for any title in Madrid last three years in his career, which ended with a controversial horn to chest Marco Materazzi in the World Cup final in 2006.

Luis Figo, Barcelona - Real Madrid, £ 38.7 million, Cup: La Liga 2000/01, 2002/03, 2001/02 Champions League, UEFA Super Cup 2002, Cup Interkontinental (Toyota) 2002

When turned Luis Figo from Barcelona to Real Madrid in 2000, the cost of the transfer world record at that time was not able to heal anger La Blaugrana fans who accuse him as a traitor and threw the pigs to the field when Figo returned to the Nou Camp.

Portugal winger was protracted into Catalan hero after bringing two La Liga titles and a few other titles in the five-year career there. Figo and also continue the successful achievement of Real Madrid at the entrance to the semi-final Champions League and La Liga crown to reach in the first season, in addition dinobat as the World Best version for the 2001 FIFA.

After the last jockey title with Los Blancos in the 2002/03 season, two seasons without a prestigious degree, decided to make Figo moved to Inter-free status with the transfer and continue to harvest champion title, while reaching the Scudetto for three seasons sequential.


Robinho, Real Madrid - Manchester City, £ 32.5 million, Cup: Nil

Many people still think, Robinho to join Manchester City because he was not only pleased with the effort to include Real Madrid as a player who will be to bring Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United.

Although he brought the two Primera Liga title for Madrid, but he was not able to achieve a high standard which is expected because many people who have good reputation while still fight in the village homes with Brazilian Santos.

The Citizens made Robinho as corner stone to build a team of mega stars in the Eastlands, so it is still too early to discuss what the achievements will be taken Robinho for City. Although quite capable of showing prima with 11 goals in the UEFA Champions League so far (or £ 2.95 million per goal he print), Robinho travel to reach the title of the City still seems very long.

Hernán Crespo, Parma - Lazio, £ 35.5 million, Cup: Nil

After these had become the world (before Figo defeated) when joined with Lazio in 2000, Crespo is not able to give a meaningful contribution. Comes with a collection UEFA Cup title, runner-up Serie A and Coppa Italia with Parma, 26 printed Crespo goal, and took him into most printing goals, not enough to bring a degree in any career Olimpico in season 2.

Three coach Sven-Göran Eriksson, Dino Zoff, and Alberto Zaccheroni not able to remove the ability to answer the Argentina striker until he finally moved to Inter transfer with £ 16.5 million during the Rome club try to balance their finances. Chelsea became the next destination with the transfer of £ 16.8 million, and he finally succeeded in reaching the English Primer League title for 2005/2006. Lent to the second after the home club Milan, the former River Plate striker is now back to Inter though not into the core.

Christian Vieri, Lazio - Internazionale, £ 32 million, Cup: Coppa Italia 2004/05

In 1999, leaving Christian Vieri Lazio to join Inter Milan and record the world record transfer. The adventurer was to spend his career in the many clubs, although quite a lot to reach a degree with the various clubs, including the Cup Winners in a single season he was with Lazio.

However, Vieri Inter successfully holding to be located in Milan, the collection title and he would start to dry. In the 2001/02 season, Vieri print 22 goals in the match 25, but it is not enough to bring the Inter Scudetto reach. Vieri also decided to leave Inter in 2005, presents the Coppa Italia after the separation as a record 103 goals and 144 in the match with the Nerazzurri.

Vieri was their habit to switch her club each season and is now in the age of 35 years old, he contracted with the appropriate fee amount to print the score for Atalanta.

World record transfer

1 Zinedine Zidane - Real Madrid - £ 48.1 million - 2001
2 Luis Figo - Real Madrid - £ 38.7 million - 2000
3 Hernán Crespo - Lazio - £ 35.5 million - 2000
4 Gianluigi Buffon - Juventus - £ 32.6 million - 2001
5 Robinho - Manchester City - £ 32.5 million - 2008
6 Christian Vieri - Inter - £ 32.0 million - 1999
7 Andriy Shevchenko - Chelsea - £ 30.8 million - 2006
8 Dimitar Berbatov - Manchester United - £ 30.75 million - 2008
Pavel Nedvěd 9 - Juventus - £ 30.6 million - 2001
10 Rio Ferdinand - Manchester United - £ 29.1 million - 2002
11 Gaizka Mendieta - Lazio - £ 29 million - 2001
12 Ronaldo - Real Madrid - £ 28.49 million - 2002
13 Sebastian A Verón - Manchester Utd - £ 28.1 million - 2001
14 Wayne Rooney - Manchester United - £ 27 million - 2004
15 Marc Overmars - Barcelona - £ 25 million - 2000

Many transfer record created in the period 1999-2002, ie, when the income from the club right Siar bounced high, then even though the club began to realize the cost of transfer and also go down. After that period, only the strength of new funding from Manchester City buy Robinho who now can compete at the top record transfer.

Unfortunately, it appeared that only a few stars are able to settle these money used to buy them with a collection of trophies in their club museum. Pressure from outside factors likely play a role in the failure of the achievements of their teams.

Arouse the money, but money is not everything. And Manchester City will need to learn from this fact, if you do not want to repeat the failure of other stories.

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Name Andrei Arshavin appear frequently in various media world lately. All this happened because the transfer saga involving him.

After some time, the certainty of where he will eventually be anchored. Not Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United, Juventus or other European club giants, but an original London club, Arsenal, who officially became the owner in this season.

This is ten interesting facts about Andrei Arshavin:

10. Born in St Petersburg on 21 May 27 years ago, Arshavin was included on a local soccer school 'Smena' for the talent to make him the ball, before finally joining with the zenith in 1999.

9. A year later, he was the main entrance to the zenith, and he started to debut in the senior team Intertoto Cup place against Bradford City and again. Laga result was 3-0 for the zenith.

8. Arshavin is a player with the ability of a relatively complete. He can play in the position Winger, striker or full-attack. Even as the ability, Arshavin was awarded the Russian Open in 2006.

7. Arshavin triumph peak occurred in 2007, where he successfully brought into zenith Main League champion Russia. The next year, Arshavin also become a zenith of success brought UEFA Cup champion and European Super Cup. Total, five titles donated to zenith.

6. Nasioanal team in Russia, Arshavin started debut on 17 May 2002. Fight against the Belarusian became the first party. While the goal in the first printed 13 February 2003 the Romanian Russian mare.

5. Euro 2008 tournament to become the first major followed Arshavin. He even had time to become a captain in the qualifying time for Russia Estonia. Because look good, Arshavin name entered in skuad League to Euro 2008.

4. On 2 February 2009, the stock transfer deadline is the second stage, Arshavin has been in London for the finalization of the transfer with Arsenal. But the new agreement and then one day happen. However English Football Association, FA, Arshavin confirmed as legitimate players in Arsenal this season.

3. Arshavin will be put back costumes numbered 23. Arshavin be the first to put on since last use Sol Campbell.

2. Arshavin is a form of soccer players mad game Football Manager, and the team so far this' dimainkannya 'is Barcelona.

1. Unlike her contemporary players, Arshavin far are still single. Later he is known are also Polls.

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Messi, Barca HISTORY

Pertandingan Barcelona contra Racing Satander will always remember Lionel Messi. The Messidona get the honor to become a successful player to make gol-Barcelona 5000.

A week after Raul Gonzales rivalnya successful print-point to 307, turn Messi is now the center of attention. Magic Messidona a successful print Blaugrana two-goal victory over Satander also recorded in a club record of Catalunya.

Although happy that Messi but actually not too concerned with the goal to record it-5000. In fact, Messi does not claim to know himself to be the person to print the score-5000. Messi was told that after the match finished.

"I do not know that I have to print a goal-league in 5000. I was told after the match finished, "said Messi Goal as written, Monday, 2 February 2009.

According to Messi, when running the game itself is only a victory of the Blaugrana. "The most important is to win three points. We got behind 1-0 and I was lucky to print the winning goal," added Messi.

Actually in the match, the team trained this pep Guardiola looks a little tense. The rivalry in Madrid have confirmed previous victory over Numancia. With the additional three points, the Blaugrana are still winning 12 points from competitors terdekatnya, Real Madrid.

In that occasion, Messi also claim to present a goal-5000 to its fans for the Blaugrana. Note to the 5000 goal will be recorded in Barcelona with the name of the museum printing goals, Lionel Messi.

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One of the world famous bank origin Spain, Banco Santander, will contribute a great Real Madrid. They will end the transfer saga Cristiano Ronaldo-Madrid, next summer.

Bath movies and fantasy stories, but it is not impossible happen. In fact, likely to be true about the new issues coming to Ronaldo Santiago Bernabeu.
Banco Santander become the largest bank in the European region. The main sponsor, Mercedes mclaren F1 and the Copa Libertadores this credit application to approve Madrid.

According to informants Jose Ramon de la Morena in the Cadena SER radio, 'El Larguero', a group that is also based in the city of Santander will contribute funds for large Madrid. They guarantee fund to provide 70 million euros alias Rp 1 trillion to more memboyong CR7 from Manchester United in June 2009.

Value is not the official of the World Open in 2008. However, the maximum credit that can make dikucurkan Madrid. The citadel credit Bernabeu may not exceed 20 percent of the club budget.

The White will have enough funds in the stock transfer later. Ronaldo and predicted prices could reach 100 million euros alias Rp 1.5 trillion.

According to Spanish daily, AS, United manager Sir Alex Ferguson did not object to release Ronaldo. As long as the price of players aged 24 years the match, Ronaldo and also want to move.
Ronaldo has binding agreements with Ferguson in Lisbon, the end of August 2008. Winger Portugal this can be predicted in June 2009.

Red Devils believed citadel also have a purchase contract clause remaining Ronaldo (buy out). Consequently, the price Ronaldo will be more than 100 million euros to leave Old Trafford if later.

Los Blancos interim president, Vicente Boluda, certainly have more information about this loan from Santander. Also the agreement between Ronaldo with Florentino Perez, a presidential candidate most new Madrid. [VN]

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Andres Iniesta is proud to claim to be one of the important pillars for the Spanish national team and club him, Barcelona. According to him, both teams have a great type of game that is not much different.

"Barca and Spain have the same idea in football, both the style and philosophy that is applied on the field," said Iniesta Goal as written, on Wednesday (11/2/2009).

"Both teams like to play this league for the way the match, make the ball rotate constantly, attack, but do not forget the defense," he added.

"We really are two different teams. However, if you refer to the talents of the two teams is not much different," said full-year 24.

When the team confirmed on opportunities (Spain) beat England in the fight Thursday friendship (12/2/2009) Early days later, Iniesta not want arrogant. He only said, and all his colleagues in La Furia Roja team ready to provide the best in order to achieve maximum results at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium. [OZ]

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New tasks HIDDINK

Only a matter of time Guus Hiddink landed at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea hopes all things related to the temporary contract Hiddink can be completed at the end of this weekend. However, Hiddink likely will not sit on the bench while John Terry et al fifth round of the FA Cup at Vicarage Road, Watford's headquarters, Saturday (14 / 2) future. Hiddink will be in addition to Chelsea when Terry et al continued to fight to the Premiership in the last-26 encounter at Aston Villa Villa Park, Saturday (21 / 2).

As is made The Times Online, club owner Roman Abramovich is willing to pay the salaries claimed Hiddink for 15 weekends of two (2) million pounds, or around Rp 14 billion. In order to bring back The Blues achievement, Hiddink called-will bring a former assistants when handling the Netherlands national team and Australia, Johan Neeskens.

Before actually flying to London-Wednesday (11 / 2) Hiddink is scheduled to fly to Moscow, Russia, to meet with the RFU president, Vitaly Mutko-task has been waiting for a coach who is considered genius by German soccer legend, Franz Beckenbauer. Namely, the split between the players such as Terry said.

Terry is very surprised that with the sack Scolari point only a few players who truly support the former national team coach in Portugal. It was disclosed Terry the news that before the emergence of a hammer tap (ax) against Scolari, on Thursday last week, claimed Abramovich to talk with the three senior players Chelsea non-English, that is Michael Ballack, Petr Cech and Didier Drogba.

"I sympathize with that going on Scolari. I'm really surprised. He certainly gets my support. I think, two or three other players will be similar, "said Terry as the Daily Mail quoted.

According to Terry, after international fight-night later against England will play Spain in Madrid, all the players will discuss the results related to the poor be guest at Hull City, Saturday (7 / 2) ago. "We will discuss after fight Spain. Scolari is a remarkable manager. Unfortunately, we can not afford to play well, "augment him.

Meanwhile, Cech decline with firm if it is considered a higher-up removal Scolari. Cech confess he had a problem with Scolari related practice patterns and systems that are applied in Cobham. However, "The problem is only caused by the exercise pattern manager (Scolari) is disorganized," Cech firmly close colleagues cited as The Sun.

Problems began Scolari's decision to replace Christophe Lollichon, a coach with the club goalkeeper Carlos Pracidelli that comes from Brazil. Lollichon and Cech had to work together when both of them still defend Rennes. Scolari does not respond to complaints Cech. There is, claims Cech, Scolari would forbid him to see a video impression of the opponent team is given Lollichon.

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