Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New tasks HIDDINK

Only a matter of time Guus Hiddink landed at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea hopes all things related to the temporary contract Hiddink can be completed at the end of this weekend. However, Hiddink likely will not sit on the bench while John Terry et al fifth round of the FA Cup at Vicarage Road, Watford's headquarters, Saturday (14 / 2) future. Hiddink will be in addition to Chelsea when Terry et al continued to fight to the Premiership in the last-26 encounter at Aston Villa Villa Park, Saturday (21 / 2).

As is made The Times Online, club owner Roman Abramovich is willing to pay the salaries claimed Hiddink for 15 weekends of two (2) million pounds, or around Rp 14 billion. In order to bring back The Blues achievement, Hiddink called-will bring a former assistants when handling the Netherlands national team and Australia, Johan Neeskens.

Before actually flying to London-Wednesday (11 / 2) Hiddink is scheduled to fly to Moscow, Russia, to meet with the RFU president, Vitaly Mutko-task has been waiting for a coach who is considered genius by German soccer legend, Franz Beckenbauer. Namely, the split between the players such as Terry said.

Terry is very surprised that with the sack Scolari point only a few players who truly support the former national team coach in Portugal. It was disclosed Terry the news that before the emergence of a hammer tap (ax) against Scolari, on Thursday last week, claimed Abramovich to talk with the three senior players Chelsea non-English, that is Michael Ballack, Petr Cech and Didier Drogba.

"I sympathize with that going on Scolari. I'm really surprised. He certainly gets my support. I think, two or three other players will be similar, "said Terry as the Daily Mail quoted.

According to Terry, after international fight-night later against England will play Spain in Madrid, all the players will discuss the results related to the poor be guest at Hull City, Saturday (7 / 2) ago. "We will discuss after fight Spain. Scolari is a remarkable manager. Unfortunately, we can not afford to play well, "augment him.

Meanwhile, Cech decline with firm if it is considered a higher-up removal Scolari. Cech confess he had a problem with Scolari related practice patterns and systems that are applied in Cobham. However, "The problem is only caused by the exercise pattern manager (Scolari) is disorganized," Cech firmly close colleagues cited as The Sun.

Problems began Scolari's decision to replace Christophe Lollichon, a coach with the club goalkeeper Carlos Pracidelli that comes from Brazil. Lollichon and Cech had to work together when both of them still defend Rennes. Scolari does not respond to complaints Cech. There is, claims Cech, Scolari would forbid him to see a video impression of the opponent team is given Lollichon.

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