Friday, February 13, 2009


Remember the name Lothar Matthaeus? The German legend is to be middle negoisasi with the Norwegian Football Association (NFA) to coach the national team Anyar Norway.
Norway no longer have a permanent coach since lost Age Hareide who resigned in December. As a stopgap Hareide, NFA appoints Egil Olsen.

Matthaeus its newspapers, which have been trained Hungarian experience four years ago, very interested to become coach Norway. However, NFA Secretary General, Karen Esplund disputed the newspaper's.

"I do not want to comment on the name associated with the prospective trainer Norway next. We have at least about 20 to 30 list of names of candidates, "said Esplund to Verdens Gang.

When you view the fact that there is, it seems Matthaeus will find it difficult to mengeser Olsen's seat trainers. Moreover, in the fight friendship, Wednesday (11 / 2) yesterday, bringing success Olsen beat Germany 1-0 Norway.

Olsen is the achievement of thumb should be, considering this is Norway's first victory over Germany since the last one to do 73 years ago. (Adek / Photo: Getty Images)

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MAKE bleak Beckham MLS

FORMER LA Galaxy defender, Tyrone Marshall believes David Beckham transfer permanently to AC Milan will cause bad effects for competition in Major League Soccer (MLS).

That can not be debated, the presence of Beckham in the MLS successfully raise the popularity of soccer competition in the United States. Start from the sale of tickets to the match Beckham merchandise sales.
In fact, not too rare, often make it to MLS plateau famous celebrities and the audience, only just to see Beckham in order to act in the field.

Because of that, Marshall was concerned removals Beckham to Milan MLS will be detrimental to the future. Moreover, Beckham is a valuable asset from the MLS.

"The owners of LA Galaxy tries to defend him, since his arrival because he gives a lot of influence in ticket sales and the increasing number of fans," said Marshall.

"If he goes, it will affect the league. We will lose a number of fans and can not promote the MLS. Beckham is the most valuable asset of MLS, "his him. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Club giants Germany, Bayern Muenchen is planning to come to Indonesia. This news site after the official FC Hollywood said his team will fight for the trials in the three Asian countries namely China, India, and Indonesia.

Unlike the series of trials conducted years ago that some time before the beginning of the league competition, this time, Bayern will be present immediately after the fight last Bundesliga 1. "We consider ourselves as a club we have a world of desire as well as the obligation to be present in the other hemisphere," said Director of Bayern, Karl-Heinz Rummeniegge.

Rummeniegge refuse plan is purely only for the income increase for the club. He says his team is also to help countries in Asia to be able to develop their football.

"Our goal is not simply appear on the fight-fight exhibitions and get paid. We want to provide benefits to progress in football, "said Rummeniegge. "Our mission is to build a partnership based on a sense of friendship," augment him.

Bayern plan to push off on 17 May and the trials against the Red and White three days later. After that, they fight in the Allianz Cup against China on the Olympic team May 24 in Guangzhou. Asia tour will be closed to the fight against the club exhibition India, Mohan Bagun AC in Calcutta on May 27.

Although most of the stars will be absent because Muenchen play in the European Cup in 2008 with the country their own. Rummeniegge promised to keep a quality team. Players such as Mark Van Bommel, Martin Demichelis, Lucio, Ze Roberto, Daniel van Buyten and Andreas Ottl will appear on the last fight in India.

Meanwhile, their legendary goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, will also perform last professional fight in Calcutta. Goalkeeper aged 38 years this will be hanging shoes after 2007-08 season. (Irawan)

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Bayern Muenchen greatness name indeed arouse the young players to join. Unfortunately, not all of them can savor success in the Bundesliga club 1 is a giant. Some have to swallow the bitter pill, whoever they are?

Most obvious example of the young players who failed to play its sweet taste in the Bayern Lukas Podolski. As a striker dinobat best young players in Euro 2008 this ago, because the finger must bite less compete with the main striker, Bayern striker, Luca Toni and the kinds of Miroslav Klose.

Although the show is shining a while with the national team of Germany, Podolski apparently can not continue the performance in the Bayern. Also do not get the attention of Juergen Klinsmann, Podolski also decided to return to club length, 1. FC Cologne at the end of the season later.

Podolski is not the only young player who failed in Bayern. Other young players are Jan Schlaudraff, Toni Kroos, and Marcell Jansen. Kroos even appear as a new seven times throughout the season in this new competition.

"Of course, it is very difficult for talented young players to unify themselves in the team. If we do not get the first opportunity, we must await the second coming of the opportunity, itupun if the opportunity came, "said Jansen to the Bild daily.

However, keep Bayern Bayern are still sought by the young. FC Hollywood even just buy Alexander Baumjohann from Borussia Moenchengladbach.

The question then, whether Baumjohann can savor sweet or return must follow the fate Podolski et al. Only time can answer it. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Claudio LOTITO want to seem beautiful times Lazio with Juan Sebastián Verón recurred. Although age has renta, Veron can be considered to restore the glory that is being Biancocelesti drop.
Lotito madness Veron will be humming with its President Lazio "bring" Veron. "Claudio Lotito call me once every two weeks," said Veron.

Careers with Veron Lazio are very bright. Together with coach Sven Goran Eriksson, Veron shoulder to shoulder scudetto bring Olimpico.

After that Veron went to ranah Britain. Veron defend Chelsea and Manchester United before returning to Italy to defend the Inter Milan. Only 2 years old La Beneamata defend, Veron return to his land, to defend Argentina Estudiantes.

Veron is now a contract out on the upcoming summer season Lazio create remarkably cheery. The opportunity to bring Veron to defend the flag-bearer Biancocelsti wide-open.

I do not want Veron speculate about the future. "I'm always in the midst of the stock transfer. But I want to emphasize that I want to go if there is no new players. Lotito indeed call me, but I did not want to discuss now," his him. (Airlangga / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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SCOLARI For Failure

LUIZ Felipe SCOLARI open vote on the matter of the failure Chelsea. According to The Blues is not like Brazil. Failure to recruit Robinho and Didier Drogba bad peforma former club to make it drop.

Scolari is apparently hiding his hearts content. Batch no reason dilontar mouth of the sack after the Roman Abramovic a few days ago.
Loss of trust on Drogba, Florent Malouda is not effective, the failure bring Robinho, to not have players who fit to own a 4-4-2 formation for this manager Brazilian origin up to its Chelsea drop it in the.

"At Chelsea we do not have any players who can make a difference. We do not have that, I do not know why. Then there is Arjen Robben, but now does not have anyone," Big Phil protest.

"Robinho is the answer. He is not afraid to take risks and dribel. As the Brazilian people, I love it. The team I do not like Brazil. That was a team of" bureaucracy "which is a characteristic of their game," said Big Phil.

Scolari also said that the proximity of players and managers is very limited, which does not have a good collaboration between them. (Airlangga / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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TWO Premier League club, Chelsea and Manchester City are made chase stars Hamburg SV, Piotr Trochowski.
German media proclaim tidings concerning many of Chelsea and City of Trochowski. Both clubs say even intend to buy on the stock transfer Trochowski summer later.

Trochowski itself is very commendable that the City of Chelsea, and on himself. Players aged 24 years juag states themselves do not deny the possibility to move and play Premier League.

"I am still bound by contract with Hamburg until 2011 to come, but I realize that I am sought by several clubs from the Premier League. That is a good news for me, "said Trochowski to the German daily, Bild.

"Currently I still focus on Hamburg SV. But it may be a day I will play outside Germany. I play is a priority in the UK, Spain, or even in Italy, "his him. (Adek / Photo: Getty Images)

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Nation Podolski

Nation Lukas Podolski Bayern Muenchen in the float. No longer trusted by Jürgen Klinsmann, Poldi not threatened until the end of the season sod.
Landon Donovan is coming to make the existence of the age of 23 years old striker is uncertain. Since the return of Donovan, Poldi striker became the number 4 in the FC Hollywood.

Klinsmann has been emphasized that the duo behind the striker Miroslav Klose and Luca Toni is Donovan. "Landon (Donovan, Red) is the number 3!" Klinsi said. It is thus, possible worst Poldi is 5 minutes watching colleagues playing.

While intimate Poldi himself ready if needed Klinsi. "My injury is, but I have been healed. I was in fit condition and ready to play! But the decision is in the hands of trainers," said Poldi.

Poldi on the future of Bayern already exhausted. One of the pillars of German national team will return home to Cologne on the upcoming summer season. (Airlangga / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Desire eto

Striker Samuel eto apparently interested in the soccer league or French Ligue 1. Eto states do not close even when the possibility of a later day itself can play for one season in France.
"I always like Paris Saint-Germain, but I also never said that I want to spend time during a play in the season with Olympique Marseille," said eto famous sports daily to Spain, Marca.

Not the first time this course eto reveal desires to play outside of Barcelona. One day earlier, the origin of Cameroon is also the desires to play in Real Mallorca.

Does this foreshadow eto is not like in El Barca? No one knows the answer. But that Barcelona has a new contract and propose new eto willing to give certainty on the stock transfer later summer. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Silva to Juventus?

Caught wet while watching the match between Spain versus England, Sporting Director, Juventus, Alessio Secco be planning a bid center David Silva in the summer of stock transfer later.
Silva, who appear as understudy in the second round and again Spain beat England, have been used as a strong candidate to replace Pavel Nedvěd a pension plan at the end of the season later.

Juventus was already made to drill Diego Ribas da Cunha, Werder Bremen, but refused to remove it. Therefore, Juve also switch to the other players.

With the financial crisis that is now center dash Valencia, Juventus seem to desire to get Silva can be realized. In order to save to avoid bankruptcy, Valencia perforce have to sell one of its star players.

Throughout the competition this season, Silva has shown as much as 8 times with Valencia's print and has two goals. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Adebayor BEST

PLAYERS Arsenal and Togo national team, Emmanuel Adebayor given CAF (Confederation of African Football) as the best player in 2008 after the Continental Africa impresifnya game show throughout the year 2008.
Conference conducted in Lagos this place Adebayor on Egyptian Mohamed Aboutrika origin and Chelsea players also Timnas Ghana Michael Essien. Aboutrika as runner up and Essien in place to-3.

Adebayor that night was accompanied by his mother, the night of the night was as special. "This is a special night for me. I dedicate this award for my mother, without my mind. My father is gone, but I believe he would be proud," said Adebayor full sad.

Adebayor Terpilihnya create new history. Adebayor also bring home the cash 20 thousand U.S. dollars and a crystal chalice Togo is the first that got the title Open Africa.

In addition, the Chelsea full-Ivory Coast origin, Salomon Kalou is also not behind. Kalou was the best young Africa in 2008. (Airlangga / Photo: Dok.Getty Images)

Here is the full list of winners:

Best African player: Emmanuel Adebayor-Togo/Arsenal
Best young African players: Salomon Kalou, Ivory Coast / Chelsea
African women's best players: Alice Matlou-South Africa
Best National Team: Egypt
Best African coach: Hassan Shehata, Egypt
Best Club: Al-Ahly of Egypt
The club in the country terbChristian Chukwu-Nigeriaaik: Aboutrika Mohamed Al-Ahly

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MANCHESTER UNITED apparently still need to figure Ryan Giggs strengthen his team. Giggs has officially signed a contract extension during a season that will end in June 2010 on the future.

In which he is no longer young, Giggs is still able to trim the field to appear green. Even at the end of last week, its goal to successfully hurdle West Ham make MU a position to reach the peak Klasemen while the Premier League.
"I feel fit and I enjoy playing football than the other. This team includes young players and a great spirit in the team is also very good, "said Giggs.

"I want to be part of this team and reach more champion titles in the season ahead," he added.

During his career with the MU, Giggs has been record-breaking appearance at most exceed Bobby Charlton, the rivalry as much as 758. Giggs has won 10 Premier League champion titles, 4 FA Cup, English League Cup 2, and 1 trofi World Cup Inter-Club League.

Sir Alex Ferguson admitted that the dedication and professional attitude shown Giggs for this, should be the standard high for the young players who plan to move and play in the MU.

"Ryan Giggs is a player who truly professional in the field. Lifestyle, the way he looked himself, enthusiasm for selali value plus a win at once the inspiration for the young players who want to become soccer players, "Ferguson praised. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Juventus seems to still interested Diego Ribas da Cunha. Director Alessio Secco will again be a meeting with Diego's father and agent, Djair to discuss the future of the Werder Bremen player.
Italian media claim Diego entire family will come to Germany to celebrate the birthday Diego. This apparently did not want to miss the board by Juventus.

Secco hope can meet with Diego's father to discuss a matter that will offer the official asked for Juventus blandish Diego that is willing to move to Italy.

Djair own say will fly to Italy when Bremen melakoni fight tandang to AC Milan in the UEFA Cup final place in February next. News this strengthened with the rumor that says that Djair will also conduct a meeting again with Secco.

To be able to get Diego, Juventus have been reported to set up fund of 4 million euros (about Rp62, 3 billion). (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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BACK bid

AC Milan seems to really want David Beckham. Milan bid of 5 million pounds is denied does not make LA Galaxy Milan broken charcoal. Milan offer Beckham return of 10.5 million pounds.
Milan got a warning from the MLS to quickly determine the future of Beckham end this sunday. Milan are moving, they want to ensure the future husband of Victoria Beckham before the fight opponents in the Inter Derby della Madonnina. Bid 10.5 million pounds was posted.

Previously predicted that Beckham can not do much on the loan for 3 months, the successful overthrow of the ciamiknya together with the Milan. So far Beckham has print 2 goals and 2 assist.

The players themselves have to reveal the desires to stay in Milan. Even players who just make the record Bobby Moore in the UK this Timnas to send his lawyers some time ago to immediately exit from the Galaxy and to go to Milan permanently.

"Milan has been doing the best for me. I am more fit from a few months ago. In a half I have been 100 percent fit. I want to stay and hope the negotiations can be completed quickly," please Beckham. (Airlangga / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Even though it was in doubt the quality of players, Juventus sporting director, Alessio Secco, would get a contract extension.

Arrival Tiago Mendes and Sergio Almiron votes Secco is a failure in the shopping. However, positive values, Secco also recorded and again bring success Carvalho Amauri and Momo Sissoko.

Things that make the Juventus Secco consider extending the contract. Moreover, the performance of the managerial Secco also considered quite convincing.

"Juventus decided to renew the contract Secco as sporting director of the earlier scheduled," a statement from the sound of petinggi I Bianconeri, Jean-Claude Blanc. "During two and a half years, Secco has shown his talent and professionalism. Considering its position, Juventus can keep supporting the project."

Secco new contract will expire at the upcoming 2011. The agreement itself was very good by to hold serve at Juve. "I can only guarantee, I will continue to work to build a competitive team so that it can bring excitement to all Juve fans," said Secco. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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Guus Hiddink brought optimism to the high space instead Chelsea. Hiddink arrived in Chelsea directly to a new sentence to the troops. "We can still champion!"

Netherlands coach home is trying to transmit mental champion who has been dimmed in the citadel of Chelsea. His only chance Chelsea in the Premier League be regarded stage has been exhausted, at this time Chelsea left behind 7 points from leaders Manchester United while Klasemen.

"We will seek to champion. I have never worked in the UK is regarded as the best league in the world, but so far no problems," said Hiddink optimistic to Frank Lampard et al.

In response to the possibility itself to be fixed at the Chelsea coach, Hiddink menampiknya. "What happens after May is unclear, because it is very difficult to run 2 jobs at once, and I have obligations with Russia," his him. (Airlangga / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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