Wednesday, February 18, 2009


BEFORE successful at Chelsea, Didier Drogba had indeed become a star at Olympique Marseille. Therefore, it is now starting to consider the opportunity Marseille countermarch Drogba.

Marseille president, Pape Diouf, hoping to attract back Drogba from Stamford Bridge. However, it is still the opportunity to see how fate Drogba in the era of coach Guus Hiddink on Chelsea.

Hiddink hopes Drogba can provide the opportunity to play in the main team. It is difficult to obtain its time Luiz Felipe Scolari was in the Stamford Bridge.

While still playing with his injury, Scolari entrust the position of the tip of the spear to Nicolas Anelka. And accidental, Anelka said with the belief that appear perfect. Even when cured Drogba, Anelka was still the position irreplaceable.

Conditions that make start Diouf hopes Drogba intend to go from The Blues. If so, Marseille will be the forefront of the pro teams seize his ambition.

"I dare to make sure we really want Drogba return," said Diouf. "Every play I see it, I always want to say - Didier, take your bag, and return to here!"

Diouf hoping to return Drogba Marseille able to return to the team that is being considered on the European stage. His triumphant Marseille had successful sweep when the Champions League in 1993 ago. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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Madrid want Ronaldo Againt

PRESIDENT Vicente Boluda, claiming Real Madrid could still be convinced to recruit stars aal Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Since the last two years, Madrid is the case confirmed the gun for the Portugal national team. In fact, the funds of 75 million pounds, or Rp1, 2 billion was submitted to the MU in the summer ago.
And to plan for the future, Madrid began to prepare the return of funds to bring players to the call at the end of the CR7 season. In addition, El Real also plans to offer pre-contract agreement with Ronaldo.

"I believe we will play for the eyes stronghold Santiago Bernabeu," said Boluda.

Boluda is aware that efforts can be futile if the candidate does not prsiden Madrid next forward plan. Therefore, his hope two things to the next president of Madrid, namely Ronaldo and hold approach, and extend the contract with coach Juande Ramos.

"I want to club president who will extend the cooperation with Juande. He was a great coach, and I guarantee the quality," connect the suksesor Ramon Calderón. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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Abramovich HAVE POOR

MILIUNER Russian origin as well as Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich lost more wealth from 9 billion dollars (about Rp108, 3 trillion), as a result of the global financial crisis.
In a report written by a Russian business magazine, Finans, decreasing the amount of property owned by Abramovich is coming down to make it rank second in the list of richest people in Russia.

Abramovich now has wealth equal to the amount of 13.9 billion dollars (about Rp167, 3 trillion). Enough to decrease the number of lots when compared to the amount of his wealth in the year ago, amounting to 23 billion dollars (about Rp277, 1 tirilun).

Russian country become the most obtain due to the impact of global financial crisis. Furthermore according to Finans, the effects of this crisis miliuner number of the richest in Russia is reduced to 49 from 101 people.

Even as the global financial crisis is also, the total wealth of 10 richest miliuner in Russia decreased by up to 66 percent.

Russian government's estimate of economic growth in 2008 fell as much as 5.6 percent from 8.1 percent at the beginning of the year.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister says economic growth in Russia in 2009 will have increased only slightly. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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All junior players Chelsea appears immediately get blessings coming from Guus Hiddink. Netherlands coach home is starting to tout the opportunity to play some young players at the club.

Hiddink to join the new Stamford Bridge last week after Luiz Felipe Scolari sack. Now, men are still double his national team as the architect of Russia, began to consider the opportunity to give some young players that Chelsea can appear.
After seeing some youngster such as The Blues Franco Di Santo and Miroslav Stoch, Hiddink believes the future of their own reserve is very bright.

"Luckily I have the opportunity to monitor some young players in the reserve team," said Hiddink. "I think, although we are a team of quality players with a great main, we also need to give space to young players. They have a future, so they must continue to be monitored."

Santo was in the play several times for the team before the main arrival Hiddink. While for Stoch, Hiddink also underlines its quality as a footballer who has a good future.

"He (Stoch-Red) great youth. In addition he is also still much more talented young people. Of course, me and Ray Wilkins will consider it. If there is a prominent quality, we will not discard the time to give this opportunity," his him. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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Does not want to lag with its rival, Manchester United who choose the pre season tour to Asia. Chelsea will also fight to friendship in the summer later by selecting the country the United States.

The Blues will be against the club Major League Soccer (MLS), Seattle Sounders FC. Fight between the two planned to be held on July 18 and will take place at Qwest Field Stadium, the stadium owned by Seattle's pride.

"This will be the match that is different from other international, who once played in the Pacific Northwest. Atmosphere of the game will feel incredible, "said the owner of Seattle, Joe Roth.

As with Roth, Chief Executive Peter Kenyon also welcome well-planned pre-season tour to America this Chelsea. Moreover, the Blues also had visited the country uncle Sam was back in 2004.

"We are very pleased to be the early season preparation in Seattle. This is a city that fantastik. We have had experience in the fun there in the summer 2004, "said Kenyon.

"We will bring our full skuad players. So the match will be the future course of the match interesting, "his him. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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AGENT of Croatian origin of young stars Schalke 04, Ivan Rakitic, claims have been met with Juventus sporting director, Alessio Secco. That both meetings to discuss the transfer issue.

Rakitic indeed be the desired one as Juve candidates suksesor Pavel Nedvěd. It was strengthened with the meeting Michel Urcheler, as agent Rakitic, with Secco in Turin on Monday (16 / 2) ago.

"The meeting happened because when I was watching the rivalry between Juventus against Sampdoria," said the agent to Calciomercato. "During our talk it up about 50 things. But we have not spoke about Rakitic or Timothee Atouba. Speculation about the transfer of both the one thing that we can not control."

Besides Rakitic, Juve indeed be back near the middle left Schalke, Atouba. Bianconeri I intend to explore pelapis equivalent Cristian Molinaro is first operating in the sector. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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Kaka want Beckham

The AC Milan star, Kaka has requested for his club struggled to maintain David Beckham to stay in the San Siro.
On March 9, Beckham will soon contract with Milan ends. Various efforts have been and I are doing to maintain the Rossoneri Beckham. Milan even willing to send its envoy to the United States directly to management to meet LA Galaxy.

Milan is not only apparently so stubborn that you want to retain Beckham. Kaka was also felt the same. Kaka Beckham's presence has been considered to provide a positive influence for Milan's last few months.

"He is an important player. He determines to be players in the final, with the bait-bait and its goal-scorer who printed it, "praised Kaka to SporTV.

"I hope Milan can be reached agreement to buy him permanently, because he is a player who can save Milan now and in the future," accuse him. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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NESTA Absent

AC MILAN will be lost and can not be their mainstay defender, Alessandro Nesta until the end of season 2008-09. Nesta should be absent because of a back operation.
Throughout its revolving new competition this season, has not been Nesta I also appear to strengthen the Rossoneri in the match. Dialaminya the injury in July 2008 and create a Nesta must accept the fact sat in the seat back up.

Nesta and then fly to Miami, the United States to undergo the process of rehabilitation for two months.

Players aged 32 years was originally derived to time designate against Milan Inter Milan last week. Unfortunately, Nesta back injury during the practice.

"We hope all goes well and hopefully he can recover soon from injuries that befall them, that we must make himself lost for almost a season ever," said coach Carlo Ancelotti. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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