Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Abramovich HAVE POOR

MILIUNER Russian origin as well as Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich lost more wealth from 9 billion dollars (about Rp108, 3 trillion), as a result of the global financial crisis.
In a report written by a Russian business magazine, Finans, decreasing the amount of property owned by Abramovich is coming down to make it rank second in the list of richest people in Russia.

Abramovich now has wealth equal to the amount of 13.9 billion dollars (about Rp167, 3 trillion). Enough to decrease the number of lots when compared to the amount of his wealth in the year ago, amounting to 23 billion dollars (about Rp277, 1 tirilun).

Russian country become the most obtain due to the impact of global financial crisis. Furthermore according to Finans, the effects of this crisis miliuner number of the richest in Russia is reduced to 49 from 101 people.

Even as the global financial crisis is also, the total wealth of 10 richest miliuner in Russia decreased by up to 66 percent.

Russian government's estimate of economic growth in 2008 fell as much as 5.6 percent from 8.1 percent at the beginning of the year.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister says economic growth in Russia in 2009 will have increased only slightly. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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