Wednesday, February 25, 2009


In addition to yellow cards and red cards, football rivalry can now be added with the use of orange card. What is that?

Orange card allows a player is removed from the field. The players can return to the field, according to referee policy. This center is considered the European Football (UEFA).

Although not yet to be broadly, but the legendary referee Pierluigi Collina has been providing support for these proposals.

"(Michel) Platini like the idea about the existence of additional official in the field and the Italian Football ready to experiment (with it). But, the decision remains in the hands of the leaders of referee (in the League)," said Collina as the official FIFA site dilansir (Badan World football), Wednesday (25/2/2009).

"There was also discussion about the use of orange card. There are certain situations where the red card seems too hard, but the yellow cards were too light," added the man was 49 years old.

Proposed use of the orange card is the first time spoken Football Northern Ireland. However, it has not mentioned how long the players who get the orange card must leave the field.

The Board of the International Football Association is scheduled to meet next weekend. One of the agenda for this meeting is believed to discuss the use of orange card further. [OZ]


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Real give Schumi FUNDS

Champion of the world seven times F1, Michael Schumacher has spent the funds as much as 875 euros (around Rp13.3 million). Funds are used to help 1. FC Koeln buy for Lukas Podolski from Bayern Muenchen.

Podolski will strengthen Koeln back at the end of the season later. Poldi apparently uncertain fate for three seasons at Bayern join invite concerns from Schumacher.

Therefore, the real issue was Schumi's Bag of own funds to help Koeln to buy Podolski from Bayern.
Not only are Schumi. Hundreds of other fans also do the same. In a www.pixel.fc, fans can pay a 25 euro for each image Podolski. And when as many as 40 thousand have been sold, the Koeln additional funds will be sizable enough.

So far, the fund has collected a number of 96 thousand euros (about Rp1, 4 billion). Itself is the number of funds including a donation from Schumacher.

"You must follow your heart says. Because conscience always said is correct, "write Schumacher directed to the official website Podolski in Koeln. "The spirit of the team can not be replaced by anything and I said from my experience so far."

"Tim has always been a very important thing for me. And now you can show to all fans, the club which means that for yourselves. I hope you decide the right choice, "Schumacher close. (Adek / Photo: Getty Images)

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Benzema will go

Striker Karim Benzema expressed his readiness to hengkang from Olympique Lyon, when the French club failed to go round to the quarter final Champions League 2008-09.
This statement was spoken Benzema follow the facts where Lyon have beaten Barcelona in the season's ago. Interestingly fight round of 16 Champions League, Tuesday (24 / 2) later, will again reunite with Lyon El Barca.

Benzema of Lyon did not want to come back from the final round of Champions League. Therefore, the fight against Lyon will be the determination for Benzema, whether himself or stand still will leave Lyon.

"I feel good just to be in Lyon, I even spoke with the chairman and the coach. I only wish we could survive and continue to go as far as possible in the Champions League, "said Benzema.

"I will not be happy when we come round again before the quarter final. Decision whether I will leave Lyon depends from which Lyon is able to survive in the Champions League, "his him. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Barca appeal

Barcelona intend to appeal over red card and yellow card received by Seydou Keita and Gerard Pique, mare El Barca against Espanyol last week.
Keita is given a red card penalty after referee deemed the violation to the opponent. While Pique get the yellow card early in the match. That is a fifth yellow card received Pique throughout this season.

With this sentence, both will be absent from the fight against Atletico Madrid next weekend.

Do not want to lose that second PLAYERS, El Barca made an appeal to the Spanish Competition Committee that penalties yellow and red cards can be canceled.

Fight against Espanyol itself ended with a painful defeat Barcelona. Red card given to the referee Delgado Ferreiro various parties Keita considered harmful El Barca. It is not surprising after the match, got a lot of criticism Ferreiro. (Adek / Photo: Getty Images)

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Ambition CANTONA

FORMER icons and Manchester United legend, √Čric Cantona revealed its ambition to become manager at Old Trafford.
Cantona arrived at after MU purchased from Leeds United back in November 1992. Attendance Cantona gave a very positive impact for the MU. Red Devils sweep the four Premier League titles and two FA Cup titles. Five years later, precisely in 1997, Cantona is surprisingly resigned.

Now, the French origin of the desires to become a manager in the future of MU. Cantona would like to replace Sir Alex Ferguson, in a moment later when Fergie decided to retire from his manager MU.

Cantona desire itself inspired because of Diego Maradona who is now coach Argentina national team.

"I do not know if I correct or not, but I have confidence. I want to become Manchester United manager, "said Cantona to the French television station, Canal +.

"I want to work with some great players, as Diego Maradona in Argentina national team," augment him (adek / Photo: Getty Images)

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AIG reluctance to extend their contracts to become primary sponsor Manchester United, open the opportunity for AirAsia. Malaysian airline home is interested to become a sponsor of the club's Premier League giants.
AIG, which is now the main sponsor MU, some time has issued a statement that they will not extend the contract sponsorhip future after 2010.

"Manchester United have been bidding to us if interested AirAsia to become shirt sponsor their team," said Chief Executive Tony Fernandes in a blog site authorized.

"I'm very pleased we have reached the stage where Manchester United have been thinking that our company is big enough to be their sponsor and they want us to be their sponsor," he said.

AirAsia was first established in December 2001 ago. At the time, this company has only two new aircraft only. Now, AirAsia has become one of the major airline.

This company has served more than 100 flights with domestic and international routes throughout the Asian countries, including flights to London, UK. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Go end of season

Christian Panucci back middle of the waiting-period with the U.S. finally Rome. According to the agency, Panucci ready to leave the Olimpico at the end of the season later.

Panucci relationship with the Romans began to deteriorate over his attitude that choose to sit in the spare time to meet Napoli, January. Although the latter is itself apologize over its behavior, presumably the Romans should think twice to take a stance.

Until the end of the news last defender will be on the upcoming summer season. Because of that contract that will Panucci ended June never updated by the Romans.

"The situation still has not changed," said Panucci agent, Oscar Damiani. "Christian has a duty and dedicated to the club. But there is no change in the coach Luciano Spalletti. If the situation never changed, then we can not do anything."

Before playing at the Olimpico, Panucci was in a few big clubs like AC Milan, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Chelsea, Monaco and the U.S.. Now, after eight years to serve I Gialorossi, Panucci's time to start thinking the next step in his career. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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NEW argue Owner

AC Milan have issued a formal statement about a matter of denial of the rumor that they will be taken over by Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG), a group that also has Manchester City.
Italian daily, Corriere della Sera that preach ADUG owner, Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, is trying to buy about 40 percent ownership share Milan.

In fact, it is reported also, daughter of President Silvio Berlusconi, Marina Berlusconi will have to approve this. Marina itself is a Deputy Chairman of the family investment company called Berlusconi Fininvest.

"Based on the news written by Corriere della Sera on Tuesday morning before about the possibility that the parties intend to take over the club, Milan and Fininvest would like to change that news was not entirely correct," the official statement I Rossoneri. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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The soaring value of his salary to make the players think to do PSSI standardization. Plan to limit player salaries will be immediately applied.

PSSI intend to limit the salaries of the weed in Indonesia Super League (Isl). Not only foreign players, but also national players. This plan will be applied starting next season. Discourse appear due to several cases involving PSSI, especially concerning foreign contract players.

"Sometimes some of the club is not wrong in recruiting contract and cut off foreign players. As a result, the foreign players to FIFA this venture. PSSI also the sap is finally exposed," said Secretary General of PSSI, Nugraha Besoes, Wednesday (25 / 2).

Therefore, through the National League PSSI Indonesia (BLI) will make the standardization of salaries of players. Standards of evaluation is appropriate based on the players themselves.

"There are foreign players who have a stipendiary Rp1, 5 billion. In fact, in their home country when he was only paid about Rp300 million. This is also done in order to anticipate the expenditures of the club is too excessive," Nugraha supplement. (Irawan / Fotp: dok.SOCCER)

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