Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The soaring value of his salary to make the players think to do PSSI standardization. Plan to limit player salaries will be immediately applied.

PSSI intend to limit the salaries of the weed in Indonesia Super League (Isl). Not only foreign players, but also national players. This plan will be applied starting next season. Discourse appear due to several cases involving PSSI, especially concerning foreign contract players.

"Sometimes some of the club is not wrong in recruiting contract and cut off foreign players. As a result, the foreign players to FIFA this venture. PSSI also the sap is finally exposed," said Secretary General of PSSI, Nugraha Besoes, Wednesday (25 / 2).

Therefore, through the National League PSSI Indonesia (BLI) will make the standardization of salaries of players. Standards of evaluation is appropriate based on the players themselves.

"There are foreign players who have a stipendiary Rp1, 5 billion. In fact, in their home country when he was only paid about Rp300 million. This is also done in order to anticipate the expenditures of the club is too excessive," Nugraha supplement. (Irawan / Fotp: dok.SOCCER)

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