Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Emmanuel Adebayor appeared to have a high sense of loyalty to the Arsenal. Too love with this club of London, he also perpetuate the name and number t-shirts back in the Arsenal team in the car to its favored.

Not only just one seat, all seats that have been in the embroidery in the car with the number 25 and Adebayor name listed below.

To be impressed with the color match the car seat is brown, Adebayor deliberately choose the color for the embroidery golden number 25 and his name is. It is not surprising embroidery that simply steal the attention of the view from the outside.

This is not the first time a soccer player like Adebayor doing. Previous star David Beckham has been first to do so. Bentley cars in it, Becks perpetuate the name of his son, Brooklyn, and the name of his wife, Victoria. (Adek)

source (www.duniasoccer.com)

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