Tuesday, February 24, 2009

COST Beckham Interview

NOT that there is free in this world. Similarly, experienced by Italian television station, RAI. Meaning you want to interview David Beckham, the RAI surprised when dimintai payment of 500 thousand euros (about Rp7, 3 billion) for the cost of the stars.
The presence of Beckham to AC Milan for the cause euforia Italian public. Many are watching the race to sell trinkets with Beckham. Meanwhile, Italian media race race-installing and installing photo write Beckham.

When the match will appear in his prime against Hamburg SV, RAI television station wanted to interview Beckham exclusively. How surprised they will be aware that when interviewed for Victoria's husband, the RAI should remove a large amount of funds.

Be aware that the price is quite expensive, RAI was finally decided not to interview a former Real Madrid player is. "We did not make a bargain with Beckham and Moreover he is not the only person that we want," said the source at the RAI.

"We can and want to pay just as much for other people, so not a problem we did not interview him," augment him. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

source (www.duniasoccer.com)

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