Friday, February 6, 2009

Jankovic NEDVED replace?

Juventus want to buy a midfielder made Genoa, Bosko Jankovic, to replace Pavel Nedvěd who will be retiring at the end of the season later.
2008-09 season this will be the last season for Juventus Nedved appear together. No wonder before the recession itself, Juve incentive pursue players who are potential to replace Nedved.

Some names had been called I Bianconeri will be purchased on the stock transfer in January, the full name of the attack Marek Hamsik is in order first. But let Hamsik Napoli decline.

Juve are turning to Jankovic. First debut with Palermo are well. Despite difficult for Juve to get Jankovic, considering the recently loaned to Genoa, not close the possibility of a time later when Jankovic went to Turin. (Adek / Photo: Getty Images)

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The salary of the football players do not make them difficult to buy luxury cars worth hundreds of million rupiah. But you know what cars are the most commonly purchased, and a favorite among players in the Premier League?

The answer is a Range Rover. Modil bertipe SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) this was ranked first in a survey conducted by Nuts Magazine's "Premiership Stars and their Cars 2009".
Players who have the type of car are captain John Terry, Steven Gerrard, Peter Crouch, Joey Barton, Xabi Alonso, and Stephen Ireland.

Below the Range Rover, there is a German production car, BMW x5. Meanwhile, the car brand Ferrari, a car accident a while Cristiano Ronaldo ditumpangi some time ago, occupy the seventh rank. (Adek)

Next 10 most cars terfavorit among Premier League players:

1. Range Rover Sport (63.8 million pounds)
2. BMW x5 (53.4 million pounds)
3. Porsche Cayenne (76.7 million pounds)
4. Aston Martin DB9 (111.5 million pounds)
5. Bentley Continental GT (137.5 million pounds)
6. Audi Q7 (51 million pounds)
7. Ferrari F430 (135.6 million pounds)
8. Mercedes SL65 AMG (151.1 million pounds)
9. Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 (151.1 million pounds)
10. Cadillac Escalade (50.1 million pounds)

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Leave Sevilla Fabiano

RESULTING knee injury that he experienced, striker Luis Fabiano will be leaving his club, Sevilla for a while. Fabiano went to Brazil to undergo the process of rehabilitation.
Fabiano back to level the second knee injury against Valencia in a while Copa del Rey last week. He has been undergoing rehabilitation earlier in the first Fabiano Sevilla and is now undergoing rehabilitation will be back in the second Sao Paulo Recovery Center.

Rehabilitation is a place where the same treatment when Fabiano get over a mild muscle injury didapatnya ago in 2008.

Meanwhile, the fight almost semifinal round first leg Copa del Rey against Athletic Bilbao on Wednesday (4 / 20 tomorrow, will be Sevilla defender Aquivaldo Mosquera and Adriano Correia.

Both players had time to miss when Sevilla defeated Sporting Gijon last week, but is now ascertained that Correia has Mosquera and recover. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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London derby awaits Arshavin

Arsenal will pay a visit to White Hart Line, Sunday (8/2/2009), for the Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League continued. Can be, this fight Derby London debut will be Andrei Arshavin with The Gunners.

After the negotiation process is tortuous, Arshavin finally officially become the property of The Gunners at the end of closing-time exchanges with the January transfer fee believed to worth 16.5 million pounds from the zenith St Petersburg. He contracted for 3.5 years with a salary of 70,000 pounds per week in Emiaretes Stadium.

Now, they need to be able to put Arshavin costumes numbered 23 is the backbone physical readiness. The Russian international was full 27 years this has never been more competitive play in the party since Liga Russia finished last year.

Therefore, the predicted Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger would only lower Arshavin as a replacement even though the team admitted the loss of creativity. "We do not need a savior IM. I do not believe it, "tukas Wenger.

Fortunately, the opponent will be faced Arsenal London derby in the middle is also problematic. Yes, the Spurs are cyclone storm. The team that trained Harry Redknapp was left behind in the middle bottom of the board Klasemen while the Premier League.

Terrible again, the Spurs also injured Jermaine Defoe after the striker must rest at least until April because of foot injury. However, Redknapp has a successor, ie, Robbie Keane, after being returned to White Hart Line from Liverpool with a transfer fee worth 12 million pounds. Keane may even go back a long ban captain and striker will bertandem with a country with Arshavin, Roman Pavlyuchenko, in the front lines.

In the last meeting at the Emirates Stadium in October, the two teams play 4-4. But this time the escalation will be increased because Arsenal need full points to overtake Aston Villa in the fourth rank and Spurs have to avoid the degradation of the zone at this time only one points behind.

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'Time Win North London Derby'

Almost a decade last Tottenham Hotspur never win in the North London derby. However, at the end of this weekend manager Harry Redknapp has high optimism to give Spurs victory over Arsenal.

The last time the Spurs versus Arsenal wins fight occurred on 7 November 1999 with the score 2-1. The two clubs last meeting occurred on 29 October 2008 at Emirates Stadium with the score 4-4 as the final results.

The Gunners at this time because the dock find difficulty victory. 10 In the last fight, the team trained Arsène Wenger is not invincible, but five of them result with the results of the series. This is it then that makes Redknapp is optimistic his team is able to steal points in full later White Hart Line.

"I think we have opportunities in the cage and this is a good time to make it to their face. Arsenal is a great team, but at this time record the match if they show their performance is not as good as season ago, "said Redknapp in Timesonline.

"I know if we can play good and we will be able to overcome them. We have many great players, "timpal back Pascal Chimbonda.

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PERFORMANCE both David Beckham AC Milan in the sweet fruit. Fabio Capello will be called the name Beckham in the starting line-up choice of friendship Jelang fight against Spain next weekend.
Capello would like to actually intend the first fight in Beckham's Milan versus Reggina on Saturday (7 / 2) tomorrow. Capello will not be attending of it. Therefore he decided to send its representative to the San Siro.

But Capello appears to have been satisfied with Beckham for this. Since the beginning of borrowed January, Beckham often appear slick. Five final with Milan passed with success, even Becks brings success I Rossoneri increase the ranking of two Klasemen while Serie-A.

When properly called Beckham Capello, the notes will be compared later appearance caps record held by Bobby Moore, that is as much as 108 caps.

Meanwhile, Capello does not seem to be called Wayne Rooney and Carlton Cole. Capello does not want to take risk is greater with lower Rooney, Manchester United remembers players are experiencing hamstring injury.

Meanwhile, Cole is considered can not look up from Emile Heskey, Peter Crouch, and Gabriel Agbonlahor. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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Absent Gerrard 3 weekends

We are a fallen ladder, this parable is given to the appropriate Steven Gerrard. After the defeat of Everton in the FA Cup event, Stevie G must forget the green field for 3 weeks.
Gerrard suffers hamstring injury after only 16 minutes in the field of fight in the Merseyside Derby. The Reds skipper was feeling something in the left foot so that should be replaced by yossi Benayoun.

Based on the results of the examination, Gerrard should be absent when The Reds tandang to Portsmouth on Saturday (7 / 2), entertain Manchester City on 22 February, and at strengthening the national team in the UK fight friendship contra Spain Wednesday (11 / 2) front.

"Checking this day has ensured injured left hamstring in the leg Steven (Gerrard, Red). He will be absent more than 3 weeks," said Liverpool spokesman.

In addition Gerrard doubt can also appear in the important fight contra Real Madrid in the Champions League event, on Wednesday (25 / 2). The day coincided with the predicted recovery Gerrard. (Airlangga / Photo: Getty Images)

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RECORD CLEAN sheet van der SAR is

FORMER England national team goalkeeper, Chris Woods doubting the validity notes record no penetration (clean sheet), which was created by Manchester United goalkeeper, Edwin van der Sar.
Van der Sar successful record records he wicket not penetrated during the 1122 epoch MU minute 1-0 win over Everton last week. The record is the record a clean sheet by Steve dibukukan Death when still on the Reading defend era 1970s.

But Woods will halt the facts are. According to Van der Sar not record clean sheet record. This is based on when Van der Sar had penetrated three goals and again the MU Gamba Osaka in the semifinal round World Cup Club, December.

"The achievement is attained Edwin (van der Sar) in the Premier League last week is great, but I sepengetahuan he is far from the record the UK record clean sheet," Woods demolished.

"There is no gate count when he was pierced in Japan. If that is included, then the clean sheet record is still around 810 minutes on the numbers, "he said. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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ITV threatened LOSS OF RIGHTS Siar FA Cup

Interference broadcast the match between Everton versus Liverpool, on Wednesday (4 / 2) yesterday, apparently berbuntut long for ITV. Turbulence noise is not an impression of a touchdown Everton victory, ITV will lose their rights threatened Siar FA Cup rivalry.
Audience with the loss of image dikejutkan football rivalry in their television screen, even when ITV is showing an ad commercial. Every few minutes later, return to normal broadcasting. But how terkejutnya when viewers see the players Everton sorai-shout each other to celebrate their victory.

Usut have usut, apparently when commercial broadcasting ads that they missed the goal of a printed Everton. Kontan this course directly to protests. Not less than 1000 complaints posted to the ITV.

ITV has apologize to all penontonnya. But still only incident I can not remove the disappointment of the audience, especially for supporting Everton missed the goal kebanggaannya team victory over Liverpool.

"It is clear that we will ask for more explanation of why this ITV (the loss of broadcasting the match) can occur. Genesis is so important to learn not to recur again, "the official statement from the English Football Association (FA).

ITV is not the first time an error is broadcast like that. Early this season, ITV have got reproval turbulence accidentally showing a picture of the Histon players who are naked in the changing room. (Adek)

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