Friday, February 6, 2009

ITV threatened LOSS OF RIGHTS Siar FA Cup

Interference broadcast the match between Everton versus Liverpool, on Wednesday (4 / 2) yesterday, apparently berbuntut long for ITV. Turbulence noise is not an impression of a touchdown Everton victory, ITV will lose their rights threatened Siar FA Cup rivalry.
Audience with the loss of image dikejutkan football rivalry in their television screen, even when ITV is showing an ad commercial. Every few minutes later, return to normal broadcasting. But how terkejutnya when viewers see the players Everton sorai-shout each other to celebrate their victory.

Usut have usut, apparently when commercial broadcasting ads that they missed the goal of a printed Everton. Kontan this course directly to protests. Not less than 1000 complaints posted to the ITV.

ITV has apologize to all penontonnya. But still only incident I can not remove the disappointment of the audience, especially for supporting Everton missed the goal kebanggaannya team victory over Liverpool.

"It is clear that we will ask for more explanation of why this ITV (the loss of broadcasting the match) can occur. Genesis is so important to learn not to recur again, "the official statement from the English Football Association (FA).

ITV is not the first time an error is broadcast like that. Early this season, ITV have got reproval turbulence accidentally showing a picture of the Histon players who are naked in the changing room. (Adek)

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