Friday, February 6, 2009


The salary of the football players do not make them difficult to buy luxury cars worth hundreds of million rupiah. But you know what cars are the most commonly purchased, and a favorite among players in the Premier League?

The answer is a Range Rover. Modil bertipe SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) this was ranked first in a survey conducted by Nuts Magazine's "Premiership Stars and their Cars 2009".
Players who have the type of car are captain John Terry, Steven Gerrard, Peter Crouch, Joey Barton, Xabi Alonso, and Stephen Ireland.

Below the Range Rover, there is a German production car, BMW x5. Meanwhile, the car brand Ferrari, a car accident a while Cristiano Ronaldo ditumpangi some time ago, occupy the seventh rank. (Adek)

Next 10 most cars terfavorit among Premier League players:

1. Range Rover Sport (63.8 million pounds)
2. BMW x5 (53.4 million pounds)
3. Porsche Cayenne (76.7 million pounds)
4. Aston Martin DB9 (111.5 million pounds)
5. Bentley Continental GT (137.5 million pounds)
6. Audi Q7 (51 million pounds)
7. Ferrari F430 (135.6 million pounds)
8. Mercedes SL65 AMG (151.1 million pounds)
9. Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 (151.1 million pounds)
10. Cadillac Escalade (50.1 million pounds)

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