Wednesday, February 25, 2009


In addition to yellow cards and red cards, football rivalry can now be added with the use of orange card. What is that?

Orange card allows a player is removed from the field. The players can return to the field, according to referee policy. This center is considered the European Football (UEFA).

Although not yet to be broadly, but the legendary referee Pierluigi Collina has been providing support for these proposals.

"(Michel) Platini like the idea about the existence of additional official in the field and the Italian Football ready to experiment (with it). But, the decision remains in the hands of the leaders of referee (in the League)," said Collina as the official FIFA site dilansir (Badan World football), Wednesday (25/2/2009).

"There was also discussion about the use of orange card. There are certain situations where the red card seems too hard, but the yellow cards were too light," added the man was 49 years old.

Proposed use of the orange card is the first time spoken Football Northern Ireland. However, it has not mentioned how long the players who get the orange card must leave the field.

The Board of the International Football Association is scheduled to meet next weekend. One of the agenda for this meeting is believed to discuss the use of orange card further. [OZ]


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