Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ambition CANTONA

FORMER icons and Manchester United legend, Éric Cantona revealed its ambition to become manager at Old Trafford.
Cantona arrived at after MU purchased from Leeds United back in November 1992. Attendance Cantona gave a very positive impact for the MU. Red Devils sweep the four Premier League titles and two FA Cup titles. Five years later, precisely in 1997, Cantona is surprisingly resigned.

Now, the French origin of the desires to become a manager in the future of MU. Cantona would like to replace Sir Alex Ferguson, in a moment later when Fergie decided to retire from his manager MU.

Cantona desire itself inspired because of Diego Maradona who is now coach Argentina national team.

"I do not know if I correct or not, but I have confidence. I want to become Manchester United manager, "said Cantona to the French television station, Canal +.

"I want to work with some great players, as Diego Maradona in Argentina national team," augment him (adek / Photo: Getty Images)

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