Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Go end of season

Christian Panucci back middle of the waiting-period with the U.S. finally Rome. According to the agency, Panucci ready to leave the Olimpico at the end of the season later.

Panucci relationship with the Romans began to deteriorate over his attitude that choose to sit in the spare time to meet Napoli, January. Although the latter is itself apologize over its behavior, presumably the Romans should think twice to take a stance.

Until the end of the news last defender will be on the upcoming summer season. Because of that contract that will Panucci ended June never updated by the Romans.

"The situation still has not changed," said Panucci agent, Oscar Damiani. "Christian has a duty and dedicated to the club. But there is no change in the coach Luciano Spalletti. If the situation never changed, then we can not do anything."

Before playing at the Olimpico, Panucci was in a few big clubs like AC Milan, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Chelsea, Monaco and the U.S.. Now, after eight years to serve I Gialorossi, Panucci's time to start thinking the next step in his career. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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