Wednesday, February 18, 2009


BEFORE successful at Chelsea, Didier Drogba had indeed become a star at Olympique Marseille. Therefore, it is now starting to consider the opportunity Marseille countermarch Drogba.

Marseille president, Pape Diouf, hoping to attract back Drogba from Stamford Bridge. However, it is still the opportunity to see how fate Drogba in the era of coach Guus Hiddink on Chelsea.

Hiddink hopes Drogba can provide the opportunity to play in the main team. It is difficult to obtain its time Luiz Felipe Scolari was in the Stamford Bridge.

While still playing with his injury, Scolari entrust the position of the tip of the spear to Nicolas Anelka. And accidental, Anelka said with the belief that appear perfect. Even when cured Drogba, Anelka was still the position irreplaceable.

Conditions that make start Diouf hopes Drogba intend to go from The Blues. If so, Marseille will be the forefront of the pro teams seize his ambition.

"I dare to make sure we really want Drogba return," said Diouf. "Every play I see it, I always want to say - Didier, take your bag, and return to here!"

Diouf hoping to return Drogba Marseille able to return to the team that is being considered on the European stage. His triumphant Marseille had successful sweep when the Champions League in 1993 ago. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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