Friday, February 13, 2009


Club giants Germany, Bayern Muenchen is planning to come to Indonesia. This news site after the official FC Hollywood said his team will fight for the trials in the three Asian countries namely China, India, and Indonesia.

Unlike the series of trials conducted years ago that some time before the beginning of the league competition, this time, Bayern will be present immediately after the fight last Bundesliga 1. "We consider ourselves as a club we have a world of desire as well as the obligation to be present in the other hemisphere," said Director of Bayern, Karl-Heinz Rummeniegge.

Rummeniegge refuse plan is purely only for the income increase for the club. He says his team is also to help countries in Asia to be able to develop their football.

"Our goal is not simply appear on the fight-fight exhibitions and get paid. We want to provide benefits to progress in football, "said Rummeniegge. "Our mission is to build a partnership based on a sense of friendship," augment him.

Bayern plan to push off on 17 May and the trials against the Red and White three days later. After that, they fight in the Allianz Cup against China on the Olympic team May 24 in Guangzhou. Asia tour will be closed to the fight against the club exhibition India, Mohan Bagun AC in Calcutta on May 27.

Although most of the stars will be absent because Muenchen play in the European Cup in 2008 with the country their own. Rummeniegge promised to keep a quality team. Players such as Mark Van Bommel, Martin Demichelis, Lucio, Ze Roberto, Daniel van Buyten and Andreas Ottl will appear on the last fight in India.

Meanwhile, their legendary goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, will also perform last professional fight in Calcutta. Goalkeeper aged 38 years this will be hanging shoes after 2007-08 season. (Irawan)

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