Sunday, March 22, 2009

Madrid Bid Again

Outstanding news that Real Madrid prepare for the fund of 70 million pounds (about Rp1, 2 trillion), to hijack AC Milan's Kaka.
Later in July, El Real will hold elections for a new club president Ramon Calderón replace the sack last year. One strong candidate, Florentino Perez predicted more people will win this election.

Perez, making Madrid epithet synonymous with Los Galacticos, say you want to buy Kaka interested. Perez seems to desire is in line with the desire management El Real, who have long wanted to bring Kaka.

Daily Spain, Sport claims that Barcelona are willing to dive pocket of 70 million pounds in order to coax that Kaka would like to move to Santiago Bernabeu. In fact, El Real is also not shy Kaka salary increase to 12 million pounds per year (around Rp207, 5 billion).

However, Barcelona appear to need extra hard business indeed confirmed when you want to buy Kaka. The stock transfer in January alone, emphatically reject Kaka bid 100 million pounds (about Rp1, 7 billion) from Manchester City. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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