Friday, March 27, 2009

World Cup 2010 tickets

World Cup 2010 also has not been held, but the party has begun its visible now. FIFA has announced that as many as one million tickets have been ordered to watch the way the football event will take place in South Africa is.
The ticket buyer is mostly coming from the South African population, the order tickets through the branch offices of banks in all regions in Africa.

While the customer is ordering online has reached more than 160 countries, with South Africa in order first, followed by England and the United States.

First phase World Cup ticket sales in 2010 will be closed on Tuesday (31 / 3) front, with the amount of 743 thousand tickets available for sale to the general public.

Phase two tickets will be opened on 4 May to 16 November, with system sales who come first will be served first as well.

Although the number of customers has reached as many as one million, the sale of tickets for the World Cup in 2010 this target has not reached half of that expected. But the biggest football title that will be followed by the 2006 World Cup champion, Italy, Euro 2008 champion, Spain and Brazil.

Meanwhile, ticket sales for the Confederation Cup tournament has been increased to reach 10 percent. Confederation Cup tournament itself will be held in South Africa in June next. This tournament will be followed by eight teams. (Adek / Photo: Getty Images)

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