Friday, March 27, 2009

Petition MALDINI

padrone legend while AC Milan, Paolo Maldini, suggests the birth of Brazilian striker Juventus, Carvalho Amauri, to choose more than the Italian national team of his country.

Since this one season, Amauri is still diperebutkan between the two countries, Italy and Brazil. The players themselves have not been taking a decision which the team will be its hitherto.
"This often happens in every branch of sport in various countries in the world," said the former captain of GLI Azzurri. "Some of our rival countries such as France, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and use some of the birth of Africa, although the need to manage time passport for the players. Amauri Why can not the same?"

France won the World Cup 1998, Spain and the Netherlands also European Cup win out. So we also become a world champion in 2006 ago with the birth of Argentina, ie, Mauro Camoranesi. So, I feel very profitable if Amauri to play for us, "added Maldini.

The two trainers from the two countries, Marcello Lippi (Italy) and Carlos Dunga (Brazil), has opened the door for the national team Amauri. Now, all depends on the final decision from the players themselves. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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