Monday, February 9, 2009

TRICKS goalee

Goalkeeper must always be ready to hold fire at any time. They should not unmindful least, though not so long to do everything in the game.

Therefore, the concentration is very important meaning. This is the main factor in keeping wicket. The goalkeeper is always charged to secure the wicket he is ready.

This is indeed not easy to do. However, capturing and holding the shot right, so that the ball in the sticky embrace very crucial means.

To that end, Learn various techniques to catch the ball in various anticipate attacks. One of how a good shot with the opponent.

How do:

1. If your good foot movement, then you can anticipate a variety of direct shot to the body. Remember, you can do with thoroughly. Section, this is the most secure way to catch the ball. But the first principle to remember is try to flush your body with a shot that will be received.

2. Hug ball with their hands and to hold the stomach. When the catch, not the body is too rigid. Thus rather, make that body relaxed speed teredam shot. Then, as tegaknnya your body, then the ball hug rise to the chest.

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