Monday, February 9, 2009

Heading: Defensive Heading

The main purpose in doing heading in the defense is to own the ball as far as possible in order to secure the gate. However, in principle, better butt the ball to the left or the right gate, rather than to the front gate. For, the opponent will be able to utilize.

How do:

1.Head find the ball as soon as possible. Do not to be preceded by an opponent who is also grab the ball. Try the ball from the side. Horn this will make you stronger and you are also more protected from the possibility collide with the opponent.

2. Be careful with your arm. If your elbow or throw the opponent with your arm, then the threat of impunity penalty kick or free shade. To have the ball go strong, try to touch the ball in the bottom half of the ball. Also prepare your back in such a way so that your forehead with the ball coming.

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