Monday, February 9, 2009

Defending: Jockeying

Jockeying not related to horse riding or the like. This is just how to survive without the need to tackle.

This technique is quite effective to prevent movement of the opponent so that partners can setim back to the position of each well to survive. Is the position itself so that the opponent is forced long-duration holding the ball.

How do:

1. Position body slightly awry, but the shoulder remains open. This will ease the restrictions to movement for the opponent. In addition, you can also continue to follow the movement in front of your opponent. Keep in mind, a little tekuklah knee and drop your body weight forward so that you easily change direction.

2. You must continue to keep your body still awry, but still try to keep opponents in the future. You can do this by using the back foot as the object to rotate.

3. Paste as much as possible with both arms opposite your arm. This will make the opponent feel depressed. But remember, do not use it to push up the offense will bear fruit.

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