Monday, February 9, 2009

Tackling: Sliding Tackle

TO basically sliding tackle is an effective technique in the snatch the ball from the opponent. However, think first before do so.

Please note, this technique takes a really appropriate time to do so. Once late or too fast, violations can occur. Imagine if that happened in the penalty box your team.

In addition, when performing a sliding tackle, the position you fall down on the field. If you determine the right time so that the ball failed to be seized, a major problem waiting. Opponent that is still easily bring the ball past you are still in the land of sprawl. Therefore, this technique is better to be the last choice for you to grab the ball.

Tips do sliding tackles:

1.All form of forbidden tackle from behind in football. Therefore, you must make a tackle from the side or front of your opponent.
If you are behind the opponent, so make sure you take the ball from the side.

2.Use feet away from the opponent to make a tackle you. Try subduct way to associate the foot ball. Or if possible directly over to colleagues. One note, make sure you stand up immediately after the rise to sliding tackle. Whether the success or not.

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