Monday, February 9, 2009

Heading: Basic Engineering gore

ENGINEERING horn have mastered by every player, no matter in which position he plays.

To make a secure horn, use the frontal horn to the ball. This section is also the most effective to direct horn.

So, you set the position and the time is right to do with the right horn.

Doing horn tips:

1.When you start preparing jump, eyes must hold specific to the direction of the ball. Look for positions that can touch the ball. Use both your legs to jump.

2. When the jump is, you should not dwell only in the air. You will need to make some movement to strengthen the energy your butt.

First to be done is bend your knee. Then you back buckling. Then, push forward and the head and body when you are in contact with the ball. Remember, in situations like this your neck be kept tight.

So, usually the opposite is also fight in the butt. So, you have to use both arms as a means of balance in the air. But be careful not to move until you are too high or about the opponent because you will get the punishment from the referee.

3. Try butt the ball in the position of the highest jump you. For, if lower, the opponent can grab. Once again the butt the ball with the forehead or above the eyebrow. And, when the horn, open your eyes to lead well.

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