Monday, February 9, 2009

Shooting: Shooting Basic Technique

To print a touchdown, one of which is required or the ability to shoot a good shooting. Thus, the legal obligation for each player to master the techniques to shoot better.

Basic Shooting Tips:

1. Strength and accuracy are the most basic things in the shot. Direction to keep the ball down with the side kick in the leg. Meanwhile, to increase the power stroke, swing leg quickly. And then proceed to swing the ball after a thorough tendang.

Try to drive the ball and drill down to the corner gate area because it is most difficult that can be achieved goalkeeper. In addition, if the shot to the far side, then your colleagues the opportunity to print the score by using the ball rebound from the backlash you.

2. You try hard shot. But do not forget accuracy. No matter what most of you are shot, if it does not lead to the target will be quite useless. You and your team take the opportunity again to make fire.

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