Monday, February 9, 2009

Stars David Beckham Tips: Printing Gol

Print a vital goal in soccer. It is therefore important for every player is able to do so. English national team star, David Beckham to share tips to create a terrific goal.

Anyone would say this, but this is the most important shot in the right target.

And, this does not depend on the strength, but I think accuracy is more important. If you can kick to the corner gate, the opportunity to create greater goals.

A good way to do this is to disguise the direction of kick. My former colleague at Real Madrid, Ronaldo is doing terrific. He saw a way to shoot, but suddenly a shot is released to the direction toward the other.

When the shoot, it is important to maintain the position of the body. Foot that is used as the object can not be too close to the ball, not the distance but also for maintaining the balance.

It is also important to keep the ball down to the fixed point. To do so, determine the position of the body.

Shooting is a technique that is not easily mastered, and many things to remember to do so. The key is to practice as often as possible.

Printing goal not only of foot. The head can also be used to score a goal. All the best striker certainly can take his head with both.

I am not too bad in the butt. I highly tolerable. This means I had a big reach the ball. The key is only possible jump and courage horn ball.

Perhaps the most serious thing is to keep the eyes still open. It was not easy, but it is important to open the eyes may be time for a butt.

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