Monday, February 9, 2009

Tips Stars David James: Being the goalie Better

English national team goalkeeper, David James is known as one of the deft goalie. He was able to hold a number of opportunities for the door with a variety of print touchdown-saving hit. Want to like himself? James unbosom goalkeeper to be dexterous as herself.

Diligent practice BASIC ENGINEERING
I set up practice with a tight schedule. When you catch the train cross the 20 bait feels boring. But you must do at least three or four times a week.

This should be keeping your body in order to focus and do not need to have rudimentary errors in anticipating the attack when the opponent in the match.

All is in all aspects including tasks such as keeping wicket kicking, hitting, or even jump. You can mention it and the other is to be executed.

I think if it can be, then you will look fantastic. But it feels really boring.

But it will be valuable when you are seen as a trusted national team goalkeeper in your country.

Stay in shape
Top athletes, such as a Rolls Royce need to be treated. If Rolls Royce diesel plant, the performance will not be as expected of people.

You will need to make healthy lifestyles. Club night and the night does not help you to perform better.

Keep emotions
Emotional factors are important and I think that applies in all branches of sports.
Is the essence of sports competition. If you lose control when the situation is not as you expect then you will drop.

No matter how great your ability. If you think people give up easily, then you will not be used in any team.

AND cry Speak!
One thing that is very important for the goalkeeper is communication. I spend a lot of time to cry out to the colleagues of the team, so when I do that in the match, mreka understanding I mean.

Conversely, not only that I speak to them. They must also be good to communicate with me.

It is important to be trained in the exercise, without the crowd in the match. That way, all know what to do when the pressure came in the match.

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