Monday, February 9, 2009

Stars Gary Neville Tips: Helping Serangan Attack

GARY Neville right-back known as a respite. Its position is almost not replaceable at Manchester United or any Timnas UK. To the BBC, he would like to share tips to help with the attacks the right way to lure a team of colleagues. What sarannya?

The basic techniques
If you want to play it like pebola successful professional, you must diligently practice the simple passing of each day. That lure is the most accurate techniques that ensure your team hold the ball.

You definitely feel practice simple techniques such as this boring. However, it is a fundamental technique in order to tempt or control the ball well.

Use your body
You need to use the entire body that can tempt you with the good. If you right-legged, then put your left foot on the ball. And then kick.

You must kick the ball right in the middle so the ball does not bounce. That will be easier to control your colleagues.

Use your arms as balance. Head remains upright position while the eyes look to the direction of the ball.

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