Friday, March 27, 2009


Villarreal will give free tickets to the game throughout the 2009-10 season to the fansnya affected by the global economic crisis.
"In future we will provide free tickets throughout the season," said President Fernando Roig.

"The idea is done for the sake of social clubs and also to provide opportunities to those who can not continue watching football at the Madrigal, as loss of employment," augment him.

Roig add to the range himself with the club directors, pelatif staff, the players and sponsors will be working hard to find funding for his ideas are realized.

The idea that this was issued by Roig also received support from striker Joseba Llorente. According to Llorente, this idea is very good to do remember the impact of the economic crisis has made many people can not watch the match again at the stadium.

"We're happy to be involved in this case because the idea is right to apply at this time. Many people who lost their jobs, and unfortunately it seems that when they create can not come to the stadium watching the match, "said Llorente. (Adek / Photo: Getty Images)

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