Thursday, March 5, 2009


Cesc Fabregas is not half-doubt expressed loyalty to Arsenal. However, it is more faithful to coach Arsène Wenger. If Wenger moved from "The Gunners", the team captain is also ready to go and follow Wenger.

Summer ago Fabregas-called being a candidate to return to Barcelona. However, in the end choose Fabregas still survive in London. For him, Arsenal are the club and Wenger is the ideal figure of a coach he wanted.

"Arsenal is the ideal club and I am happy here. But, if Wenger goes, I would think to follow it," said Cesc to Cataluna Radio.

Wenger has been in the Arsenal for almost 15 seasons. In this period, "The Professor" has built the foundation and created the characters of "The Gunners" in accordance with the ideas. Ideas that may be stopped if Wenger will leave the Emirates Stadium.

Mention Cesc, Wenger has made Arsenal style of play to be beautiful. This is what makes it comfortable style of play as "The Gunners" similar to the "El Barca." "If there are teams who play in Europe such as Barcelona, it was Arsenal," Fabregas demolished.

Fabregas is currently in Spain for the recovery of injury. He hopes to re-sod in the early or mid-April to come.


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