Thursday, March 5, 2009

NEW boyfriend Ronaldo

Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo gol print again, but not in the opposite wicket, but this time in the gym instructor, coach hurdle origin Brazil, Gabriela. CR7, show quality in the field, but also in the bed OK!

Gabriela, 27 years working as a personal trainer at a gym near Lisbon, Portugal have been during this sepekan Ronaldo stay at home, mansion Alderley Edge, in Cheshire.

Previously, Ronaldo himself who invited Gabriela to witness the friendship fight against Finland in Portugal Algarve. One friend Gabriela says: "They met at a nightclub in Lisbon, and after that, Cristinao rent a car to meet Gabi and two friends witnessed the fight Portugal and Finland in the Algarve. He tepesona with athletic body and Gabi Gabi says CR7 extraordinary, and romantic. "

"They were dating and then look in the pink. Because he had to defend the MU and practice and can not come to Portugal as often as possible, he has to pay Gabi to fly to the UK, and Gabi is a week in the house, "said Gabi friends as quoted from The Sun.

Source The Sun added, "One thing that should be feared if Gabi Alex Ferguson to allow Ronaldo will get enough sleep when he was visiting in Manchester,"

Previously, Ronaldo dikabar a relationship with a student Olivia Saunders, after so long with some dating sexy woman and plump. Ronaldo had a serious relationship with a Spanish model, Nereida Gallardo, but this pair separated after Ronaldo found out bed with four women in four days during the injury recovery single season in Los Angeles ago. [This]


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