Thursday, March 5, 2009


long-time not hear people say, suddenly Gabriel Batistuta just issued a statement surprising. Former Fiorentina striker says it desires to replace Diego Maradona in Argentina national team.
Batitusta apparently felt impressed with the presence of Maradona in the Tango. Maradona's presence has given a very positive effect for the Latin American country that. Two fight friendship that Argentina be passed successfully to the cold hand of Maradona.

It is not surprising achievement that you'd like Maradona Batistuta followed. But that desire will not do it now. Batitusta desires will realize that if Maradona has officially resigned as Argentina coach.

"Maradona has given the team a new motivation in Argentina," praised Batistuta. "From what I've see the two fight friendship, I think this team have been running to the right direction."

"I want to coach Argentina national team, but later when I will achieve Diego (Maradona) is no longer coach the national team," accuse him.

Batitusta is printing in the most goals Tango. Appearance of 78 times with Argentina, has been successful Batitusta print as many as 56 goals. (Adek / Photo: Getty Images)

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