Monday, March 30, 2009


enchantment David Beckham apparently still capable of making women attracted to it. In the event a gala dinner in Milan, Beckham surprised are talking with some beautiful women.
Beckham to be a special guest in the gala dinner Anema E Core Cancer Research held in Del Volo Le Officine, Monday (16 / 3) yesterday evening. In the event, Bekcham come alone. His wife, Victoria are located in Los Angeles, United States.

At least three women who successfully caught the camera is close to Beckham. One of the women are famous sosialita Italy, Gabriella Dompe.

Not like the two other women who only shoot the ordinary in front of Beckham. Gabriella did not hesitate, hesitate Beckham intimate embrace. A smile, Beckham also seen relaxing meluk Gabriella.

Hmm .... just hope that Victoria has not heard this news. Because what happens if somehow when it was up to see intimate pictures of her husband with another woman? (Adek)

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  1. ahahah...
    becks playboy juga ya..
    pdhl uda pnya Victoria..
    masuk ke blog aku ya..
    ada jdwal kualifikasi piala dunia tu..