Thursday, February 19, 2009

ambition HIDDINK Preview

Hiddink reap success in the various teams. Because it is not wrong if many clubs who want to use the power.

Chelsea is the team that is lucky to have this season. Club home Hiddink hopes that London can transmit achieve its success with other clubs in his team.

Apart from the ability to handle the team, Hiddink apparently had not thought to spend time along the field as a coach. The first hope he can become a farmer.

"When I was little, I grow on farm. After school ended, I always to agriculture as soon as possible my friend, he has horses and cows," curhatnya to The Sun.

"Even small since I already know how to milk cows and milk age of 12 years old when I learned to plow the rice fields. I like it, with a two-horse plow interesting."

"And whenever I asked, so what if you want to have great future, I always want to be a farmer fertilizer," he said.

"Each child has their own dreams and I want to become farmers. It seems, it is beautiful to me," Hiddink more emphatic.

And now, reap success after becoming a coach, Hiddink hopes can continue, with both Chelsea and the Russian national team. [Goal]


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